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The Health: Science, Society, and Policy (HSSP) program encourages HSSP majors and minors to engage in study abroad programs. Each year, approximately one third of HSSP students participate in such programs. While some HSSP students do not take health-related courses abroad, others go abroad to expand their perspectives on health and health care, as well as cultural differences in understandings of health, illness, and well-being. Many programs offer a health-related internship and field experience components that engage students in experiential learning and fulfill the HSSP hands-on-experience (HOE) requirement. In recent years, HSSP students have gone to Mexico, Chile, Denmark, England, Geneva, India, South Africa, Spain, and numerous other countries for their life-enriching study abroad experiences.

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Explore Pre-approved HSSP Courses abroad

If you are interested in exploring our Study Abroad options:

  1. Review "Get Started".

  2. Speak with an Office of Study Abroad advisor.

  3. Once you have decided on which program(s) to apply to (see this Sample of Approved Programs), then decide whether or not you plan to seek HSSP credit for any health-related courses that you take while abroad.  To explore over 100 pre-approved health-related courses, see this HSSP List of Pre-Approved Health-related Study Abroad Courses.   New courses will be added from time to time.

  4. Review the steps on earning HSSP credit while abroad.
  5. Carefully review the following FAQS about receiving HSSP credit for any courses or HOE taken during a Study Abroad.

Note:  Our Study Abroad Liaison’s role is to review, and, if appropriate: provide “written pre-approval” of health course work, including HOE, for HSSP credit.

Plan ahead the Office of Study Abroad and HSSP’s Study Abroad Liaison can be very busy in January and February.


Before contacting the HSSP Study Abroad Liaison with questions, please review the following FAQs as well as this flow chart.

Sample of Approved Programs with Health-Related Coursework

Visit the Brandeis Approved Programs List to review a comprehensive list of programs that offer health-related HSSP coursework. Click on "Advanced Search" to find programs with HOE options.  To explore over 100 health-related study abroad courses, see the HSSP List of  Pre-Approved Health-related Study Abroad Courses. New courses will be added from time to time.

Study Abroad Liaison

To assist students with their academic choices abroad and to help answer any questions about receiving major/minor credit while abroad, each academic department and program has assigned a faculty member to serve as the Study Abroad Liaison. As every department has different policies regarding credit from abroad, the Study Abroad Liaison can assist you with guidance on major/minor credit. Find the Study Abroad Liaison for HSSP here.

Receiving Credit in HSSP

Before going abroad:  review the following FAQS about Meeting with the HSSP Study Abroad Liaison (SAL) and receiving HSSP credit for any courses or HOE taken during a Study Abroad.After returning from abroad,  follow the the Office of Study Abroad's Returning to Brandeis checklist, including attending their Re-Entry Workshop.  

you received HSSP's “written pre-approval” for a course, it will be automatically processed into Workday upon your return as long as you earned a C- or above in the course. If you took a course that has not received written pre-approval from HSSP, please complete the Registrar's online Petition to Request Substitution for a Requirement form.