Health: Science, Society, and Policy Program

Hands-On Experience

HSSP major Elizabeth Korn discussing an insurance policy assignment in HSSP 106a.

Elizabeth Korn, '24

Hands-on experience is “learning by doing.”  Gaining hands-on experience is a great way to explore your interests by engaging in practical experience that can reinforce what you learn in the classroom.  All HSSP majors must complete a health-related hands-on experience (HOE).

‘Health-related’ means related to science (e.g., natural sciences or medicine), society (e.g., the social sciences or public health), and/or policy (e.g., law, politics, or economics).

Please review the following options carefully.  As you are considering these options, you may want to chat with other HSSP majors and/or HSSP’s UDRs.  Then contact Professor Darren Zinner, our HSSP Internship Instructor, with any questions.

There are 7 options* for fulfilling this HSSP HOE requirement.

*Recognizing the challenges of securing internships during the COVID-19 pandemic, the HSSP Program may allow, with permission, a list of temporary options for HSSP students fulfilling their HOE requirement  through June 2024.