Undergraduate Departmental Representatives (UDRs)

Michelle Saylor
Michelle Saylor ’20
BS Candidate

My name is Michelle Saylor and I am currently a junior pursuing a BS in HSSP. I’m not sure what career pathway will lie ahead (thank goodness this major prepares me for a lot), but for now I’m just excited to see where it goes! I’m a Bostonian, born and raised, and proud of it! I’m really into all sorts of outdoorsy activities (such as hiking and swimming) and also many indoor ones as well (like music production and drawing). I have two dogs, Annie and Andy, both of whom I love very much. My favorite pasta shape is rigatoni and my dream job would be to score movies (HSSP is a little more practical). I’m around and contactable via email or Facebook and would love to answer any questions you may have! Don’t be shy!

Camryn Cohen
Camryn Cohen ’21
Undergraduate Departmental Representative

Hey everyone! My name is Camryn Cohen and I am currently a junior pursuing a BS in HSSP, with a double major in chemistry on the chemical biology track. I am so excited to be a UDR this upcoming semester!

Outside of class you can find me hanging out in the Waltham Group office, on the commuter rail headed to Boston for my internship, tutoring in Academic Services, or on a run around Waltham! I will be studying abroad spring semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I will be pursuing an independent study project focused on vaccine implementation and taking classes regarding public health in urban environments. My favorite part about HSSP is how interdisciplinary the major is, which allows me to pursue my interests in science, social science, and policy!

This is my first semester as a UDR, and I cannot wait to get started! Please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you have questions about career fields, figuring out your schedule, opportunities on and off campus, the best running routes in the Waltham area, or how to survive New England winters from a Floridian who didn't’t know what she was getting herself into—I literally am here to talk about anything and everything! I’m more than happy to meet up for coffee, talk on the phone, or chat through email!

Carmela Belizaire
Carmela Belizaire ’20
BA Candidate

Hello! My name is Carmela, I’m from Boston Massachusetts, and I’m currently a senior completing my BA in HSSP. In addition to my HSSP major, I have a minor in AAAS. Like many Brandeisians, I have many leadership roles within our Brandeis community. In addition to being a UDR, I’m also a CA in Massell Quad and work as an office assistant in the Dean of Arts and Sciences. Besides working and studying on campus, you can find me in Gosman playing volleyball with the intramural club.

Within my years at Brandeis, I have traveled to Honduras with the medical Global Brigades team, and, to Mexico and Cuba as study abroad experiences. All three opportunities have focused on community-based interventions through programming, infrastructure, and healthcare policy. HSSP has allowed me to understand the social determinants of health and the interdisciplinary ways of addressing it.

Since HSSP is so interdisciplinary, I’m looking forward to working and listening to a diverse group of current and prospective HSSP majors/minors. I am accessible through email and/or Facebook messenger. Please feel free to ask any questions ( classes, studying abroad, professors, etc) or set time aside to chat!