Undergraduate Departmental Representatives (UDRs)

Mariel Guzman
Mariel Guzman ’19
Undergraduate Departmental Representative

Hi everyone! My name is Mari and I am one of the HSSP UDRs for this year! I was born in California, but grew up 8,000 miles away in the Philippines. In addition to HSSP, I am also majoring in IGS and minoring in Legal Studies and English. When I’m not studying or taking classes, you might find me singing with my a capella group, chilling in the village where I am currently a CA, or over in Woburn at my internship, which is focused on medical administration. I majored in HSSP because I liked how interdisciplinary it was, and how it could show me the legal and policy-based sides of healthcare. My favorite aspect of HSSP, is how its topics and classes are so relevant to world of healthcare today!

Last summer I was a student in the JBS: Health Law and Justice program which through classes on medical ethics, American healthcare policy, and site visits, taught me so much about America’s healthcare system, and the issues it is currently facing. Following that summer in Fall 2017, I was in Stockholm, Sweden studying public health and migration. This study abroad program taught me so much about international healthcare policy and how the health of migrants and refugees is internationally addressed. I am so grateful for the incredible academic and experiential opportunities HSSP has given me, and am excited to help any students who are interested in this wonderful major Brandeis has to offer.

If you have any questions about internships, classes, studying abroad etc. please reach out!

Hannah Lee
Hannah Lee ’19
BA Candidate

My name is Hannah Lee and I'm currently a senior pursuing a BA in HSSP and a minor in Legal Studies. I'm co-president of Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) and the CAC Committee Co-Chair for Relay for Life at Brandeis. I also work as an office assistant at the Dean of Arts and Sciences. This past Spring Semester, I studied abroad in Geneva, Switzerland where I fell in love with Swiss culture and developed a greater appreciation for global health and international affairs. This summer I'm doing something a bit different by focusing on hospital finance and operations (I don't know if you can tell, but even as a senior, I'm still trying to figure my life out!)

This is my second year as an HSSP UDR, and I am looking forward to working with all current and prospective HSSP majors/minors. HSSP is great for its interdisciplinary approach in health and health care. All the different electives and core courses expose you to so many different fields of study where you can truly find your interests and passions.

I am easy to reach by email, text, or Facebook. But, feel free to stop me anytime on campus if you have questions about classes, professors, study abroad, and/or life. I'm always down to just grab a coffee and chat!

Michelle Saylor
Michelle Saylor ’20
BS Candidate

My name is Michelle Saylor and I am currently a junior pursuing a BS in HSSP. I’m not sure what career pathway will lie ahead (thank goodness this major prepares me for a lot), but for now I’m just excited to see where it goes! I’m a Bostonian, born and raised, and proud of it! I’m really into all sorts of outdoorsy activities (such as hiking and swimming) and also many indoor ones as well (like music production and drawing). I have two dogs, Annie and Andy, both of whom I love very much. My favorite pasta shape is rigatoni and my dream job would be to score movies (HSSP is a little more practical). I’m around and contactable via email or Facebook and would love to answer any questions you may have! Don’t be shy!