Department of History

Bachelor of Arts in History

The study of history is the embodiment of a liberal education. It is the attempt to understand the human story through the lens of time and place. In our interconnected world, in which both events and our awareness of them occur with increasing speed, a deep and nuanced sense of the past has never been more important. It is vital to interpreting the world today, and to envisioning what it might be tomorrow.

Why Brandeis?

At Brandeis, you will learn about the development of the modern world from faculty who are dedicated teachers as well as distinguished scholars. Together you will examine the conflicts and achievements, the politics and economy, the language and arts of pre- and post-1800 American, European and non-Western societies.

In seminars, you will hone your critical thinking, reading and writing skills and become adept at developing insightful analysis and articulating well-reasoned arguments. You will become familiar with the wide variety of methods and sources that historians draw upon to explore and interpret the past.

The major is flexible, enabling you to tailor your selection of history courses to your particular interests. If you are interested in a career in law or business, you can design a course of study that includes classes offered by other departments and programs—for example, in legal studies or economics.

Your history degree will equip you to pursue advanced study or find a job in a number of professional fields, including education, law, business, museum studies, publishing and public service.

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“My friends were impressed that I'm taking a class with a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner. I told them it's a class of 15 and that he knows my name. That's when they decided they're also applying to Brandeis.”

Chen Arad ’15