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Ilan Troen '63

Ilan Troen

Ilan Troen is the Stoll Family Chair in Israel Studies at Brandeis University and founding director of the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies. He currently serves as president of the Association of Israel Studies. He has served as dean of Humanities and Social Sciences at Ben-Gurion University in Israel and as director of the Ben-Gurion Research Institute and Archives in Sede Boker.

He has authored or edited numerous books in American, Jewish and Israeli history. He is also the founding editor of Israel Studies (Indiana University Press), the leading journal in this new field, and he has co-edited the Schusterman Series in Israel Studies (2007-2016). He is currently chair of the Center's publication committee that has launched a new series in Israel Studies in conjunction with Ben-Gurion University and published through Indiana University Press. His  publications include Jewish Centers and Peripheries: European Jewry Between America and Israel 50 Years after World War II (1998); The Americanization of Israel (2001), with Glenda Abramson; Divergent Jewish Cultures: Israel and America (2001), with Deborah Dash-Moore; Imagining Zion: Dreams, Designs and Realities in a Century of Jewish Settlement (2003); with Jacob Lassner, Jews and Muslims in the Arab World; Haunted by Pasts Real and Imagined (2007); with Maoz Azaryahu, Tel-Aviv, the First Century: Visions, Designs, Actualities (2012); with Donna Divine, Zionism in the Twenty-First Century (2014); and, with Rachel Fish, Essential Israel: Essays for the Twenty-First Century (Indiana University Press, forthcoming).

He has lectured widely including Tufts, Brown, Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Pennsylvania, Hebrew Union College (Cincinnati), Notre Dame, Northwestern, Chicago, Lake Forest, Michigan State, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Virginia Commonwealth, Emory, Florida Atlantic, Tulane, Texas, and UCLA in the U.S.; Torino, Thessaloniki, Osnabrück, Duisburg, Amsterdam and Oxford in Europe; Witswatersrand, Pretoria and Cape Town in South Africa; Sydney and Canberra in Australia; Hong Kong, Peking and Renmin (Beijing) in China; Bilkent and Koc in Turkey.  

He has also been scholar-in-residence at such communal settings as the Bnai Brith Scholar in Seattle, numerous congregations such as the Hillcrest Community Center in New York, the Hampstead Synagogue on Long Island, Mishkan Tefillah in Boston, Solellim in Chicago as well as for the GA and federations and AIPAC.

Ilan Troen was born in Boston, educated at the Latin School, Hebrew College and Brandeis before taking his PhD at the University of Chicago.  He was at Missouri and Princeton before making aliyah in 1975.  He is married to Dr. Carol Troen.  They have six children and make their permanent home in Omer, a community outside Beer-Sheva.

Selected Publications

"Scenarios of the Future: Continuity and Change in a Century of Negotiating Imagination with Reality" in Israel: New Insights and Scholarship, ed. Frederick Greenspahn (New York University Press, forthcoming)

"Zionist Settlement in the Land of Israel/Palestine"  and, with Maoz Azaryahu and Arnon, "Israel: Geography, Demography and Economy" in Essential Israel: Essays for the 21st Century (Indiana University Press, forthcoming)

“The Israeli-Palestinian Relationship in Higher Education: Evidence from the Field" and "The Campaign to Boycott Israeli Universities; Historical and Ideological sources," The Case Against Academic Boycotts of Israel. ed. Cary Nelson and Gabriel Noah Brahm (Chicago: Wayne State University and MLA Members for Scholars' Rights, 2015).

with Shay Rabineau, "Competing Concepts of Land in Eretz Israel." Israel Studies 19. 2 (2015)

"A War of Many Names: Teaching Israel's History," (2011).

"Jews and Muslims in the Arab World: Haunted by Pasts Real and Imagined," co-authored with Jacob Lassner (2007).

"De-Judaizing the Homeland: Academic Politics in Rewriting the History of Palestine" (2007).

"Imagining, Zion, Dreams, Designs, and Realities in a Century of Jewish Settlement," (2003).

"Settlement and State in Eretz Israel," from The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Studies, (2002).

"Divergent Jewish Cultures; Israel and American," co-edited with Deborah Dash Moore, (2001).

"Frontier Myths and Their Applications in America and Israel: A Transnational Perspective," from Israel Studies (2000).

"Ben-Gurion's Diary for the 1967 Six-Day War: An Introduction," co-authored with Zaki Shalom, (1999).

"Frontier Myths and Their Applications in America and Israel: A Transnational Perspective," from The Journal of American History, (1999).

"Proclaiming Independence: Five Days in May from Ben-Gurion's Diary" from Israel Studies co-authored with Tuvia Frilling. 

"Introduction: The Post-Holocaust Dynamics of Jewish Centers and Peripheries" from Jewish Centers and Peripheries: Europe between America and Israel Fifty Years After World War II. Ed. S. Ilan Troen, (1998).

"The Transformation of Jerusalem into a Capital City; the Impact of Tradition and Conflict in Contemporary Planning," (1996).

"The Protocol of Sevres: British/France/Israeli Collusion Against Egypt, 1956," from Israel Studies.

"Early Social Survey Research in and on Israel" from Israel, The First Decade of Independence, co-authored with Russell A. Stone, (1995).

"The Price of Partition, 1948: The Dissolution of the Palestine Potash Company" from The Journal of Israeli History, (1994).

"The Discovery of America in the Israeli University: History, Cultural and Methodological Perspectives," from the Journal of American History, (1994).

"Organizing the Rescue of Jews in the Modern Period," from Organizing Rescue, National Jewish Solidarity in the Modern Period, co-edited with Benjamin Pinkus.

"Higher Education in Israel: an Historical Perspective," from Higher Education, (1992).

"Establishing a Zionist Metropolis, Alternative Approaches to Building Tel-Aviv," from Journal of Urban History, (1991).

"Israel" from Children in Historical and Comparative Perspective, An International Handbook and Research Guide, co-authored with Walter Ackerman, (1991).

"Creation of Zionist Social Sciences: Calculating 'Economic Absorption Capacity' of Israel" [Hebrew] (1991).

"Tel Aviv in the 20s and 30s: Competing Ideologies in Designing the Zionist Metropolis" (1990) [Hebrew].

"Calculating the 'Economic Absorptive Capacity' of Palestine: A Study of the Political Uses of Scientific Research," (1989).

"The Transformation of Zionist Planning Policy: from Rural Settlements to an Urban Network," from Planning Perspectives (1988).

"Organizing the Rescue of Jews in the Modern Period" [Hebrew].

"Urban Reform in Nineteenth Century France, England and the United States," (The Keating Lecture - 1987-1988).

"Technological Development and Adolescence: The Early Twentieth Century," from Journal of Early Adolescence (1985).

"The Discovery of the Adolescent by American Educational Reformers 1900-1920: An Economic Perspective," (1976).

"Popular Education in the Nineteenth Century St. Louis," (1973).

"New Beginnings for Zionist Planning during the Great Aliyah: The Idea Behind Development Towns in the First Decade" [Hebrew].

"Planning 'The New City'" [Hebrew].