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Birthrate Politics in Zion, by Lilach Rosenberg-Friedman, was published October 23, 2017

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Oriental Neighbors, by Abigail Jacobson and Moshe Naor, wins Shapiro Prize

Essential Israel: Essay for the 21st Century has just been published by Indiana University Press, March 2017



Forthcoming Books


limits of the landThe Limits of the Land: How the Struggle for the West Bank Shaped the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Avshalom Rubin

Was Israel’s occupation of the West Bank inevitable? From 1949-1967, the West Bank was the center of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Many Israelis hoped to conquer it and widen their narrow borders, while many Arabs hoped that it would serve as the core of a future Palestinian state. In The Limits of the Land, Avshalom Rubin presents a sophisticated new portrait of the Arab-Israeli struggle that goes beyond partisan narratives of the past. Drawing on new evidence from a wide variety of sources, many of them only recently declassified, Rubin argues that Israel’s leaders indeed wanted to conquer the West Bank, but not at any cost. By 1967, they had abandoned hope of widening their borders and adopted an alternative strategy based on nuclear deterrence. In 1967, however, Israel’s new strategy failed to prevent war, convincing its leaders that they needed to keep the territory they conquered. The result was a diplomatic stalemate that endures today.

"Based on a meticulous examination of numerous Israeli, US, and British archives, as well as relevant Arabic and Russian literature, Avshalom Rubin covers the role of the West Bank in the Arab-Israeli conflict in a comprehensive way. His book stands alone at the top of work on Israeli-Jordanian relations of the period." —Robert Freedman, author of Israel and the United States: Six Decades of US-Israeli Relations

AVSHALOM RUBIN is a historian, US Department of State, Office of the Historian, Middle East and Asia Division