Steps for Beginning On-Campus Employment

Step 1. Determine your eligibility

Students must be enrolled at Brandeis and studying in the US to be eligible for on-campus employment. For more information, please visit the Student Employment Handbook (Student Financial Services).

Step 2. Receive a Job Offer

Step 3. Apply for a Social Security Number 

Once you are offered a position, if you do not already have a Social Security Number (SSN), you and your hiring supervisor will need to complete and sign an International Student Employment form. You should then email this form to ISSO ( to be signed by an advisor (allow at minimum one business day for ISSO to provide the signature).

Note for J-1 students: You will need to receive a "J-1 on-campus work authorization letter" from the ISSO. Bring your "New Hire/Re-Hire" form or fellowship award letter to an ISSO Advisor to request ISSO employment authorization. Students who are sponsored by an outside agency (i.e. Ford Foundation, Fulbright, Tibet Fund, etc.) must receive written permission from their sponsoring agency for the particular job they have been hired for to request ISSO permission to work on-campus.

Step 4. Obtain your Social Security Number

Step 5. Complete the I-9 Form

It will take about two weeks to receive your social security card. After you receive your card, you will need to complete an I-9 Form in order to be added to the Brandeis Payroll system. Please see the USCIS list of acceptable documents to determine what to bring with you when filling out the I-9.

If you do not receive your social security card within the expected two-week processing time, you can begin working on your designated employment start date (which must be at least two weeks after the job offer). Please work with Kristyn Burke on any I-9 issues that emerge, including TNC (tentative non-confirmation). 

Note for J-1 Students: You will need to bring the ISSO "J-1 On-Campus Employment Authorization" letter to the individual who completes your I-9 Form.

I-9 forms for student employment are completed in Student Financial Services with the exception of:

Step 6. Complete Tax Forms and The Foreign National Information Form on Workday

All applicable tax forms and personal information tasks will be sent to your Workday inbox. For taxation purposes, you must complete the Foreign National Information Form, which will become available in Workday during the employee onboarding process.

Step 7. Understand Your Working Hours

During required semesters (typically spring and fall semesters), students can work part-time (up to 20 hours per week). During the vacation semester and official school breaks, students can work full time (up to 40 hours per week).

Step 8. Understand Your Last Day of On-Campus Employment

On-campus employment will end immediately once you withdraw from or complete your program. You may not continue to work on-campus once you have stopped being a student or finished the requirements for your program. In most cases, your last day of employment will be the final day of your final semester, which is the last day of the final exam period as listed on the Brandeis Academic Calendar. Students who graduate in the spring semester have the option to work until their commencement date. It is up to you to ensure that you comply with this requirement and to reach out to the ISSO if you have questions. Any employment undertaken on or off campus after you withdraw from or complete your Brandeis program must be based on optional practical training or types of work authorization not associated with enrollment in a Brandeis degree-seeking program. Engaging in employment not authorized by your immigration status may lead to loss of F-1 or J-1 status and require a departure from the US.