Journalism Program


As one of the major media markets in the country, Boston is home to award-winning print and broadcast institutions. The Brandeis Journalism Program has placed interns at the Boston Herald, the Christian Science Monitor, the Atlantic Monthly, WGBH public television, and the Boston affiliates of ABC, CBS and NBC. Most students minoring in the Journalism Program choose to take an internship during their undergraduate careers. These one-semester internships (offered fall and summer semesters) are keyed to a related internship seminar in the Journalism Program, giving students the opportunity to bring their academic interests into a professional setting.

Please Note: In order to receive credit for the internship in the Journalism Program, students must have completed at least one core course (JOUR 109b, JOUR 113a, JOUR 120a or JOUR 137b) or must be enrolled in one of these core courses in the same semester in which they complete the internship. They also must enroll in JOUR 89a either during their internship or during the semester immediately following their internship.

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