Students are expected to complete a minimum of six courses from the following options:

A. Core Courses

Students will be required to take (at least) one course from each of these two areas.

JOUR 137b: Journalism in Modern America

JOUR 120a: The Culture of Journalism

JOUR 15a: Writing News for Broadcast and the Internet

JOUR 109b: Reinventing Journalism for the 21st Century

JOUR 113a: Longform Journalism: Storytelling for Magazines and Podcasts

B. Ethics

Students will be required to complete the following ethics course.

JOUR 110b: Ethics in Journalism

C. Internship, Senior Writing Project or Honors Thesis

Students will be required to complete one of the three following options.  Choosing any option besides the internship to fulfill this requirement requires the approval of the Journalism Program Director. 

D. Two Electives from Five Special Areas

Students will be required to take two electives from the following five special areas of study.  

Students are strongly encouraged to choose their electives from different groups.

Not every course will be offered every year.