Class Correspondent

Lawrence Stark, P’10, P’13, published an article in the Sept. 11, 2011, issue of Health Care Lawyer, “How does a violation of the Nursing Home Care Act affect a facility’s right to recover an unpaid amount?” His son, Michael ’10, graduated from Brandeis, and his daughter, Barbara ’13, is a junior. The New England Mobile Book Fair, a 54-year-old discount bookseller in Newton, Mass., co-owned by Steve Gans, has been sold to Tom Lyons. “He’s a Book Fair customer and has loved it for many years,” Steve told the Newton Tab. “As a customer, he’s chosen this over all of the nice bookstores in his area.” Steve and his partner will continue operating Jessica’s Biscuit, an online cookbook store. Alexa Shabecoff is the assistant dean for public service at Harvard Law School’s Bernard Koteen Office of Public Interest Advising (OPIA). Before joining OPIA in 1994, Alexa worked for more than seven years as a legal services attorney in Boston and St. Louis.
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