Jacob Hen-Tov, M.A.’60, Ph.D.’69, has written a book, “Communism and Zionism in Palestine During the British Mandate,” which will be published in May. He is researching legal reforms made during Khrushchev’s Soviet Russia in penal and law enforcement agencies, and the social and political ramifications of these reforms.

Brandeis Alumni at Thanksgiving Day Tea
Brandeis alumni, students, parents and friends gathered at the home of Alberta Gotthardt Strage ’56 for the Alumni Club of Great Britain’s 24th annual Thanksgiving Day Tea. The event, organized by club president Joan Givner Bovarnick, Ph.D.’69, included a talk by American studies professor Tom Doherty titled “Jews, Nazis and Hollywood Cinema, 1933–39.” He also spoke to alumni at Faculty in the Field events in Westchester County and Long Island.

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