Class Correspondent

Dan Hirschhorn is national politics reporter at Politico, where he covers the presidential election and congressional races. He joined Politico in late 2010 to start up and run its new 2012 Live section, managing content and supervising reporters as a deputy editor. He started his full-time professional career at The Bulletin, a broadsheet in Philadelphia, and later worked at When that website was shuttered by its parent company, Dan founded, a news site that quickly became the go-to authority for Pennsylvania political insiders. The site attracted more than 25,000 unique monthly visitors who made up the state’s most influential audience, and became the window into Pennsylvania politics for mainstream media at the local and national levels. Audrey Flake received the prestigious Robertson Foundation for Government scholarship from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. As a Robertson Fellow, Audrey received a full-tuition scholarship during this academic year and committed to work for the U.S. federal government for at least three of the first five years after she receives her degree in May. Writes Audrey, “It’s easy today for Americans to discard idealism for cynicism, but it’s a facade; people want the government to function, adapt and prosper so that the country, the people, can do the same. I am honored to be a Robertson Fellow for the trust it confers on me as an individual to serve the public interest and the country toward strong, peaceful and prosperous ends.” Evan Webster founded Evan Webster Ink, a commercial screen printer in Brookline, Mass.
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