Class Correspondent

Greetings, classmates! Twenty years ago we were sliding into our last semester at Brandeis. I just checked the snowfall statistics, and 1991–92 was a fairly low snowfall year. If folks remember, the following winter brought record snowfall, so perhaps there’s a metaphor there. I think that the impact our class has had on the world is tremendous and is reflected in ways that are small and big, depending on the lenses we use to consider the many acts and ideas that have emerged from the Class of 1992. As you know, our 20th Reunion is fast approaching. There’s a wonderful group of alums serving on a planning committee, and you’ll be receiving more information in the coming months. Please do consider coming back to campus to reconnect with friends, faculty and others. It’s going to be an amazing weekend, full of activities that will appeal to alumni and their families. If you’re unable to attend in person, please send along some information about yourself that can be shared with others. Best wishes, and I look forward to seeing many of you in June!

Sydnie Suskind is enjoying life in sunny California with her husband, Cantor Yonah Kliger, and their two kids. Since graduation she’s worked in entertainment as a writer (including for a CBS sitcom) and has headed development for major film and television companies. She’s looking forward to getting back to see the Brandeis campus at Reunion and would love to reconnect with her old Brandeis friends.
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