Class Correspondent

I am very happy to say there’s a great deal of news from the Class of 1980, and we’ve kept it all short and “tweet” (fewer than 140 characters). #80rules.

Robin Moses: Enjoyed a fabulous week in East Hampton with Susan Brustien Macgregor-Scott and her husband, Peter. Sent our oldest to NYU. Risa Janoff Bernstein, P’15: Married a Brandeisian, oldest son now a junior at Brandeis, niece entered this fall, and third son to apply this year! #weloveBrandeis. Sonya (Goodrich) Freiband: Love Ann Arbor. Psychoanalysis practice thriving. Wonderful new house. Kids into rock music and computers. College looming. Debra Kattler: Own a retail store, practice yoga, still married to Bert, Sara going to college, Maya homeschooling, teaching myself to use power tools! Mindy and Benson Zoghlin: MT nesters in Roch, NY. Biz e careers. Law and medicine. 2 gr8 kids, 1 lawyer, 1 almost; in DC. Luv to have guests. #visitbenandmindy. Carrie Jalazo Glazier: Living in Allentown, PA, with husband, youngest of three starts college, time to redecorate his bedroom #knittingstashwillhaveahome. Jerry Polansky: In San Diego 8 years, love partner Rob, together have business, still real estate investing and pro bono psychiatry work, invested in Allegiance Broadway musical, fun on our boat. Susan Dribinsky Laufer: Working at ImClone/Lilly in NJ. Empty nest, proud of my enterprising kids: (Yaniv) and (Asaf). Lisa Naturman, P’14: Roy & I will be gparents by Scott/Hatsune in ’14. 4 boys maybe a girl!? Ben’s in marketing. Dan to be a vet. Matt is Deis ’14 & ZBT Prez. Ruth Liebesman: Practice criminal law in NY & NJ. Still play guitar and sing at coffee shops & benefits & enjoy singing with rock, blues & jazz bands. Recently separated, living in Fair Lawn, NJ. Andrea Morgan: Long live the Rose Art Museum! Leslie Cole: Living in LA with my kids, getting ready to do college apps (Brandeis I hope!). Lisa Kitinoja: 2013’s been loaded with global travel, writing, teaching, planning new PEF postharvest projects @LKinOregon @PostharvestOrg. Doug Affinito: Retired, traveling (New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Europe, U.S.). Seeking fun. 2nd art career (filmmaking, luthiery, theater). Any ideas? Marna Sapsowitz: Much to my own surprise, I’ve become a “snowbird rabbi,” spending summers in Olympia, WA, and winters serving the tiny Jewish community on St. Croix in the USVI. Daniel Sheff: Doctoring half time, loving leading our new Jewish spiritual community. The nest is empty. #IhaveakidinBrooklyn. Robin Rosenzweig: Produced my 1st film, “Snake and Mongoo$e,” about drag racers Don Prudhomme & Tom McEwen. Jan C. Hardenbergh: Lived w/ Gail in Sudbury, MA, 30yrs + 2 kids! Work: Med. Imaging HW/SW. Found new minister for First Parish! Bodysurfing, panoramas, old maps. Maud Carol Markson Goldfield: Living in Palo Alto, CA, with husband and greyhound. Son at UCLA Anderson (MBA). Writing fiction, tutoring and enjoying a truly happy life. Naomi Friedman: Empty nester, not. Early retirement, no way. Mother of 4yo ... keeps me young! Ian Tick: Married off 2 sons. 1 son and 3 daughters pending this round. Little girl and boy at home — keeping us young! Helping to found a startup that will stream audio ads to Internet radio stations. Craig Lapin: Happy in Portland, CT, with wife, Anne. Sarah just graduated from Quinnipiac with master’s in education. Ian just graduated from Trinity College — working in Boston! Aaron Gavios: Running NYC commercial real estate brokerage firm, wife is full-time artist, elder daughter is a web designer for Brooks Brothers, the younger is a 3rd year at FIT. #emptynest. Karen Hendrixson, P’17: Living in McLean, VA. My youngest daughter is attending Brandeis and my husband and I are empty nesters. Rachel Cramer: Almost recovering lawyer — dir training & prof dev for tax div @ USDOJ. Trying to finish MS in MFT at VaTech. We’ll see what’s next. Ed Frim: Now in Pittsburgh with my wife & age 13 daughter. I’m director of Agency for Jewish Learning & love doing interviews for BRS AAC. Nate Geller, MJC’83: Younger daughter off to UMD, son doing year 2 of YCT @HaKotel & older daughter is year 2 fellow@Pardes #nextyearinjerusalem. Elaine Shapiro: Just rode in my 5th Pan-Mass Challenge! Thx 2 my fabulous launch team: classmates Lisa Gelfand-Abrams, Robin Berger & Cindy Kumin. Deborah Halber: My first book, “The Skeleton Crew: How Amateur Sleuths Are Solving America’s Coldest Cases,” is coming from Simon & Schuster in 2014 #yippee. Bill Wittenberg: With former NBC Today show talent Paul Hochman, heading up a startup that demystifies consumer electronics: Seth Bernanke: Mariah starts college at U. of S. Carolina, Karinne starts high school. Seth publishes his first book for children on Amazon: “Goobee Da Loon.” Eric Freedman: Remarried to wonderful woman. Just celebrated 4th anniversary. Professor in cognition at UMich-Flint studying role of executive control in IQ/high-level reasoning. Amy Feldman: Everything old is new again. Back in Denver. Back to Feldman. New old house. Still at DU. Life is good. Nancy Korobkin: Resettling into nice rhythm, post rehab central, doing massage, hubby doing taxes, kids gone and pups doing what dogs do, unconditionally! Lydia Saravis: Living in SoCal with husband & 2 kids. Daughter applying to grad school for an MFA in theater. Son, an Eagle Scout, HS Jr and plays lacrosse. Volunteering at HS and enjoying every minute! Naomi Roskies: Living in Toronto. Brandeis was truly a different time and place. David Weisel: Family: Barbara (married 33 years!), 3 great sons, 1 great daughter-in-law. Live: Potomac, MD. Work: real estate/economic consulting. Ellen Friedland: Producing documentaries and corporate videos around the world while enjoying my grown-up kids, two with partners and one with baby en route! Jonathan Harris: Leaving my mark on Western civilization by helping Kraft Foods (now Mondelez Int’l) as benefits counsel. Living vicariously thru 2 daughters. With Lynn (also a corporate lawyer) in Wilmette, IL. Barbara Shaughnessy Danforth: #Truefriends! Picked up where I left off 5 yrs ago with Deroy pals Alison Wolfson; Ruth Derman Fain, P’16; & Bonnie Becker Krystal on Cape Cod. Jane Gelbard: Jane and Arlen Gelbard ’79 #collegesweethearts forever #collegekidsgraduated #collegetuitiondone! Deborah Cummis Sandlaufer: I have published two books via Amazon, “Early and Late,” a book of poetry, and “The Mommy Handbook,” a satire about being a parent. Enjoy! Melinda Levitt: Living in Washington, DC, and practicing law with Foley & Lardner; have house in the city; have two basset hounds; am still 5’2”. Nancy Tobkes Lunt: College, grad school, married, scientific career, son, daughter, unexpected break in sequence, musician?? #wouldntchangeathing. #itsallgood. David Rapkin: Living in Cleveland with wife Susan and 3 children. One Emory grad, one Emory soph and one 7th grader. Working as chair of anesthesia at suburban Cleveland hospital. Joshua Ostroff, P’13: Still in Natick, loving public service, sold my research co. Jeanne is a thriving artist. Jonah, PhD’13, teaching math at UW Seattle. Hi mom! Meryl and Alan Ostrow: What a year for us. Daughter’s engagement party. 30th wedding anniversary. #GreatBarrierReef snorkeling. #Israeltrip. Bring on 2014! #Lori’s wedding #Haley’s college graduation! Michael Kahn: Kid 2 of 3 off to college #broke #vodka need to frisbee, love staying connected to ’Deis peeps, embarrassed I wrote “peeps.” Nancy Hamburger Starr: One son in dental school, one son applying to law school #delayedretirement. Rich Rosen, P’10: 30 yrs married to Cheryl Erlich ’81, P’10. 3 kids out of college (1/Brandeis, 2/Northwestern) working & out of the house. We’re in Scarsdale & spending time on the Cape. Brandeis is still family! Laura Duhan Kaplan: Vancouver, BC, best place on earth. Animals, young adult kids, great husband. Studying depth psych despite day job! Blog: onsophia­ Ned Pendergast: Empty nesters w/ Laura Stephens ’82. Youngest son Conn Coll. Middle son Amazon Seattle Middlebury grad. Oldest daughter HS math teacher 2 months South America. Ruth Assaf Surridge: Still in France, happily married to Roger. English prof at a top French business school. Two kids launched, two to go. Marie Sudik: Still in Alexandria, VA, eligible to retire from government, but 2 kids still in school … *sigh* … #gladIlikemyjob. Steve Ellman: Living in Marin, CA, producing a movie about Ethiopian Jews. Shelley Roth: Living in Providence with my 15-year-old son; just launched my older son off to Brown U. Divorced and enjoying life and work in this vibrant little city! Roger Herzog: Memorable year here in Watertown, Mass.(!), and major transition to empty-nesthood awaits as both daughters head to Denver for 1) work and 2) college. Ellen Freeman Roth: Have many 17-year-old buddies — work w/students on college essays. Write (not enough). Bike many miles (quickly, but never quickly enough). Susan Tanur: 3 kids: RIT frosh; Wesleyan junior in Kenya; 4th-grade teacher. Boss practicing his happy dance. Goodbye, laundry. Hello, sleep. Lunch with Susannah Sagan ’81. Russell Greenfield: Happy in NC, but more Jews would be nice. Married 20 years, 2 kids, elder off to college this year — crazy, but good! Dan Berger, P’15: Bond analyst in NYC with wife Lynn a career counselor, children — Tatyana a mirthful 8yr old & Fred a jr @ Brandeis. Alison Rubenfeld, P’12: Love being connected to Brandeis and staying in touch w/classmates. Proud mom of Brandeis grad now in law school. Younger son soon to be a college grad. #loveemptynest. Lisa Gelfand Abrams: Happily living in Brookline, MA, with husband Alan. Just reached 25 years as a banker at Bank of America; didn’t see that coming in Psych 101. Sonya Walker Mandel: 1 husband + 1 son + warm Florida sunshine = very happy in Orlando! Lewis Brooks, P’16: Daughter sophomore@Brandeis, son PhDing@Northwestern, married Denise ’84 28 yrs. Live in PA/Work in NY. #lousycommute #saycheese #lifeisgood.

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