Class Correspondent

Ike Goodman and Jeanette Winston Goodman report that Jeanette spent a week in Carmel, California (slightly less than a two-hour drive from where they live), with their daughter, Andrea, who came up from Southern California. “The area is a spectacular seaside resort, a must stop for all visitors to Northern California,” they write. Ike continues to practice law in Redwood City. Jeanette participates in a San Francisco Symphony program, getting third-graders at a local school acquainted with various musical instruments and playing them classical-music recordings. Irma Miller Napoleon visited Ike and Jeanette in February. Bernice Berman Rose says, “I remember writing that Charlie and I were fortunate that our four children were still within several miles of us. Well, two of our grandchildren have really flown the coop. My grandson and his wife are in Seattle, where she is an assistant rabbi and he teaches school. His sister moved to Australia, where she wants to stay at least a year. And Charlie and I still live in the same building I grew up in.” Richard Silverman writes he is planning to return to “my other homelands, Japan and Thailand,” this fall. He expects this to be a last-hurrah visit to Tokyo, Hong Kong and Bangkok, his 33rd such trip during 38 years of living in Los Angeles. Richie still works every Saturday night from 10 p.m.-2 a.m. at the front desk of the West Hollywood county sheriff’s station — “17 years and counting,” with no plans to retire.

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