Class Correspondent

John Dartigue, who lives in Los Angeles, has written the preface for and edited two books about his father — “Maurice Dartigue: Educational Development in Haiti, 1804-1946” and “From Haiti to Africa: Itinerary of Maurice Dartigue, a Visionary Educator.” Arthur Drache celebrated 50 years at the Bar of Ontario in March and the 25th anniversary of his newsletter The Canadian Not-For-Profit News in June. At the end of 2018, his Canadian Taxpayer newsletter will mark its 40th anniversary. Charles Kamen writes, “After working at the National Opinion Research Center, the Israel Institute of Applied Social Research, the University of Haifa and the University of Connecticut, then directing the 2008 Israel Census of Population and Housing, I retired to New York City, where, among other things, I translate for Machsom Watch, an Israeli organization protesting the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.” 
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