Class Correspondent

With wife and partner Laura Oliveira Blum, Ori Blum recently launched the Chatterdale Group, a real estate investment firm that acquires and operates underperforming multifamily properties. Natasha (Rabinovich) Buckler joined Howell Legal, a boutique corporate law firm in Providence, Rhode Island, which represents early-stage startups. Natasha lives on the East Side of Providence with her husband, Jeff; their sons, Sammy (5) and Ethan (2.5); and their dog, Layla. Aron Klein is the program associate at Partnership for Safety and Justice in Portland, Oregon, working on statewide criminal-justice reform. He would like to connect with other alumni doing similar work in the U.S. or worldwide. Gov. Charlie Baker recently appointed Bryan Lambert to the Massachusetts State Athletic Commission. Baker also appointed Joanna (Schleider) Lambert to the Massachusetts Public Health Council last year. Arnon Shorr’s award-winning short film about Jewish pirates during the Spanish Inquisition, “The Pirate Captain Toledano,” has been screened at more than three dozen film festivals around the world. 
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