Class Correspondent

I was elected to a second four-year term on our local school board. As in many recent elections, the victory came with lots of drama, including two lawsuits against the county’s Board of Elections, one petitioned by me and one by my opponent. Ultimately, the race was deemed a tie. In Pennsylvania, ties are broken by the “casting of lots,” or, more specifically, by picking a numbered marble out of a jar, highest number wins. My opponent picked No. 5; I won with No. 14.

Lauri Croce got married in January and moved with her husband, Cole Workman, to Greenville, South Carolina. Lauri will continue to represent several of her clients (located in California) and will study for the South Carolina bar exam. Alison Stone’s fourth full-length collection of poetry, “Dazzle,” was recently published by Jacar Press. Her collaboration with poet Eric Greinke, “Masterplan,” will be published later this year by Presa Press; a painting by Alison serves as the cover art. She is a psychotherapist in private practice.

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