WeSSLLI 2020 @ Brandeis

Please register here for WeSSLLI, WatchDial, or both. 
See below for the WeSSLLI schedule of courses and workshops, and for the WeSSLLI+ESSLLI student session schedule.
The registration fee is $10. We will send you information for joining the event(s) shortly before the start of WeSSLLI on Saturday July 11.

Web Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information (WeSSLLI) will be a fully virtual school, with five classes and no parallel sessions.  The WeSSLLI Virtual Student Session, merged with ESSLLI Virtual Student Session, and the WeSSLLI courses and workshops will take place July 11-17, and Virtual SemDial (WatchDial) will follow on July 18-19.

We are working on hosting a full-scale in-person NASSLLI in the summer of 2021.

WeSSLLI 2020 Invited Courses and Workshops

Virtual Student Session

Exciting news! The ESSLLI 2020 Student Session will merge with the WeSSLLI 2020 Virtual Student Session (except for the reviewing process). The authors whose submissions are accepted to the WeSSLLI Virtual Student Session now have the opportunity to publish their work in a special Springer volume together with the best papers of the ESSLLI Student Sessions 2019 and 2020. Authors may also be interested in the ESSLLI Student Session if they prefer to submit a 4-page or 8-page paper rather than a 2-page abstract. See submission details on the Student Session page for more information.


WeSSLLI 2020 will be immediately followed by WatchDial - the 24th workshop on the semantics and pragmatics of dialogue (SemDial), July 18-19. 

 WatchDial invited speakers:


The organizing effort is lead by the Brandeis interdisciplinary programs in Linguistics and Computational Linguistics, in collaboration with the departments of Computer Science and Philosophy.

We hope to hold the next NASSLLI in the summer of 2021 at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts (in the Boston area). 

The summer school has been providing outstanding interdisciplinary educational opportunities to graduate students and advanced undergraduates in the fields of Linguistics, Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Logic, Philosophy, and other related areas. NASSLLI brings these disciplines together with the goal of producing excellence in the study of how minds and machines represent, communicate, manipulate and reason with information.

NASSLLI represents a community which recognizes that advances in modeling and analyzing the performance of these tasks, as well as automating them, requires the contributions of multiple interrelated disciplines. NASSLLI provides a venue where students and researchers from one domain can learn approaches, frameworks and tools from related disciplines to apply to their own work. Courses offered at NASSLLI range from intensive, graduate level introductory courses to interdisciplinary workshops featuring prominent researchers presenting their work in progress.

NASSLLI will consist of a series of courses and workshops. In addition, there will be intensive training in a small set of topics, ranging from foundational to advanced. The NASSLLI @ Brandeis will also have a theme - Formal and Computational Pragmatics and Models of Dialogue.