Frequently Asked Questions

Is PARC confidential?  

Yes, PARC is a confidential resource, meaning everything we talk about can stay between us with very few exceptions. These exceptions are:

Except for these specific situations, we are not required to report anything you share with us to the Office of Equal Opportunity or the police, but are happy to support you in doing so if you want to. If you ever want us to share information on your behalf we will need your explicit permission to do so.


Where is PARC located?

PARC is located in Usdan Student Center on the ground floor, in a hallway to the right of Levin Ballroom. We are behind the Gender and Sexuality Center and underneath the Study Abroad office.


Who does PARC serve?

PARC can work with any member of the Brandeis community who has been impacted by violence or has questions or concerns related to violence. PARC does not provide offender treatment.

What is a Violence Prevention Educator (VPE)?

A VPE is graduate or undergraduate student trained to facilitate violence prevention curricula to the Brandeis community, such as our four levels of Bystander Training. VPEs present in pairs by request or through the many open trainings we host each semester. 


What is the Bystander Training requirement for Club Leaders?

This requirement can be found in the Student Union Bylaws: article 8, section 8. Either a version of Bystander Training or a training from the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is required for each club officer, each year. Club leaders may sign up for Open Bystander Trainings each semester or request their own training for their entire club (minimum 4 attendees, please). 

What is a Peer Advocate?

A Peer Advocate is a graduate or undergraduate student that has received over 40 hours of advocacy training to support members of the Brandeis community who have been impacted by violence. They can share a variety of grounding techniques, information about reporting options, support you in planning for your safety, and more. They can help whether you personally have experienced violence or if you are worried about a friend. They are also great listeners if you just want to talk. 

Learn more about the Peer Advocates and how to reach them here. 


How is PARC advocacy different from therapy?

Advocates at PARC can offer immediate emotional support, information about options and resources, and help planning for safety related to experiences of violence, such as developing coping skills and filing for a restraining order. 

Therapists’ areas of expertise focus on long-term processing of trauma. Many people who meet with an advocate at PARC also see a therapist for support either while they are working with PARC or not until after.

 Check out our "Getting Started Tool" to read more examples of what you could talk to an advocate about.


What languages do you offer services in?

English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tagalog, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese. If you need support in any other languages, feel free to let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Do I need to make an appointment?

You can if you’d like! You can even request to speak with a specific advocate (based on availability). If you prefer to schedule a meeting time, click here. Peer Advocates also open for drop-ins to the office, online chat, or texting from 12pm to 5pm ET any weekday that we have classes. 

What happens if I come into PARC? 

There are always two advocates in the office weekdays between 12pm and 5pm. One of the two advocates will greet you and check in with you. Depending on what you need at that moment, our advocates can listen, provide support, brainstorm next steps, or let you explore the space on your own. Our services are tailored to your needs. 


What can I find in the PARC office?

Warm drinks, books, various self care items, a quiet space to read or relax in, and more.

Would it cost me money to access your services?

Absolutely not! All of our services are free.


Can I work at PARC?

PARC hires student staff (undergraduate and graduate) once a year. Visit the Join Our Team page to learn more about when we hire.