Violence Prevention Education

PARC's team of violence prevention educators and professional staff work together to engage the campus community in a variety of conversations to help stop and prevent violence. Much of this education focuses around Bystander Intervention, a primary prevention strategy that encourages a community response to instances of potential or actualized harm, learning to ask ourselves what we can do in a moment to intervene safely to change situations that could escalate to violence.

Currently, we offer a few different versions of Bystander training designed to build skills over time. We also offer a few other trainings on related topics. PARC is always excited to collaborate with you to create a custom training for your needs, too! Below you can explore the trainings we offer, sign up for an open training and/or request a training.



Training for Students (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Training for Faculty and Staff

Other Training Around Violence Prevention

  • Incoming first-year students are required to complete an online training related to violence prevention and understanding substance use before arriving on campus. Students will receive email communication about this training, "What Would Brandeis Do?" in the month prior to their start date.
  • New student orientation for undergraduates and graduates features presentations from the PARC and the Office of Equal Opportunity on policies, how to report, bystander intervention, consent and more.
  • The Office of Equal Opportunity, in collaboration with PARC, also provides information at new employee and faculty orientations, as well as a workshop for employees on Title IX, Title VII, ADA and more.
  • Our friends in the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and the Gender and Sexuality Center offer incredible trainings as well! Contact them to learn more.