Public Safety

Regulations, Fees and Fines

The following parking regulations have been adopted to promote the safety and convenience of the entire community, and allow for maximum and efficient use of our parking facilities. All rules and regulations are strictly enforced.

A full list of parking and traffic regulations is available.

Violations and Fines

All fines are payable to Brandeis University within thirty (30) calendar days after the date of violations. Payments may be made online through the Brandeis Parking Services Portal, in person at the Public Safety Office or by mailing a check, money order or postal note to Brandeis University, Public Safety Department, MS 066, Waltham, MA 02454.

Failure to pay fines within the thirty (30) calendar days' notice will result in additional fee. Nonpayment outstanding tickets will result in the immediate suspension of parking privileges and may result in complaints being issued against the registered owner and operator of the vehicle through the Student Judicial Board, Office of Human Resources or Waltham District Court. Students with outstanding parking fines will have their outstanding balances automatically forwarded to the student account office for collection.

Three or more unpaid violations can result in the vehicle being towed or otherwise immobilized by a mechanical device at the expense of the registered owner.

Parking Violations

Group A
Violation Fine
Obstructing a fire lane, fire exit or fire hydrant $50
Violation of snow-emergency policy $25
Unauthorized parking in a handicapped area $50
Obstructing a building entrance/exit $25
Blocking a) stairway, b) ramp, c) gate, d) loading zone, e) driveway, f) dumpster or g) crosswalk $25
Unauthorized overnight parking $25
Group B
Violation Fine
Blocking other vehicles or traffic $25
Parking on an access lane $20
Double parking $20
Failure to register $25
Community parking ban $15
Group C
Violation Fine
Excessive speed $25
Driving to endanger, improper operation $25
Operating vehicle in violation of a posted one-way $20
Failure to make a full stop at a stop sign or traffic-control signal $20
Failure to stop for a university police officer $20
Removing, tampering with, changing, mutilating or destroying any traffic-control sign, signal, barricade, university marker, traffic citation or vehicle permit $50
Driving or parking on lands not meant for vehicular use $25
Leaving the scene of an accident $25
Group D
Violation Fine
Parking in a controlled area without displaying a proper permit $20
No parking $20
Taking up more than one legal parking space $15
Violating of tow/immobilization notice $15

Registration Violations

Violation Fine
Falsification of university vehicle registration information $100
Using fictitious, falsely made or altered university vehicle registration decal or permit $100
Loaning a registered motor vehicle to an individual who is not eligible to operate a motor vehicle $100
Operation of a motor vehicle by an individual not eligible to operate a motor vehicle $100