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headshots of University Professors Eve Marder, left, and Irv Epstein

November 11, 2019

University Professors Eve Marder '69 and Irv Epstein spoke with BrandeisNOW about their early days collaborating at the Volen National Center for Complex Systems, and the impact it had on their illustrious research careers.

two toy soldiers wearing television screens with logos of streaming services

November 8, 2019

There’s more to Disney+’s arrival than its content-rich digital library of shows and films. Business professor Aldo Musacchio discusses competitive strategy for streaming platforms.

Jonathan Sarna and book cover for Cosella Wayne

November 8, 2019

Historian Jonathan Sarna uncovered a long-forgotten book by the author Cora Wilburn that's the first work of literary fiction by an American Jew. Now Wilburn is finally getting the recognition she deserves.