Appendix F

Reporting Resources for Students

Reporting an Incident: Students have numerous places where they can report conduct concerns they may have.


Coordinates campus resources to support survivors in reporting processes


Provides information and initiates the Student Conduct Process

Emergency: 781-736-3333
Business: 781-736-5000 

Reporting incidents; filing protective order assistance with filing a report with Waltham Police


Addresses issues of discrimination, harassment and sexual violence. Can help connect students with support resources. Can provide them with information regarding what options may be available if they were interested in addressing the conduct.

Waltham Police



Area Coordinators and Community Advisors support residential students, provide referrals to resources and assist with housing interim/protective measures

Community Standards Report

Students have the right to file a report with the Brandeis Department of Student Rights and Community Standards. This report is called a Community Standards Report (CSR). Students also have the right to file a report with Brandeis Police (Public Safety) or with the police department of the local jurisdiction in which the incident occurred. You also have the right to decide NOT to file this report (now or ever).

Find the CSR online