WLC Fellowship Contract

World Languages and Cultures (WLC) is a committee that aims to promote the study of languages at Brandeis University. As a representative of this committee, the WLC fellow will work closely with faculty to help promote a campus culture that treats language learning as an integral part of global citizenship, a challenging and rewarding process of discovering others and oneself, and an exciting adventure.

Your reliable, enthusiastic and professional work showcases world languages and cultures in the Brandeis community. Please carefully review and sign this agreement to officially accept your position as a WLC fellow.

Position Objective

The WLC fellow, together with the faculty on the WLC Committee, aims to generate interest in studying languages and promote language learning and teaching through social media and advertising.

Position Responsibilities

  • Expected time commitment for this position is three to four hours per week.
  • Help language faculty develop and implement an advertising campaign that promotes language learning.
  • Monitor and post to the Instagram account for languages at Brandeis.
  • Develop your own Instagram series and execute throughout year.
  • Send content (articles, stories, etc.) to faculty adviser to post.
  • Meet with faculty adviser for 60 minutes once every two weeks for planning.
  • Help with occasional small tasks, e.g., hang posters around campus.
  • Uphold all university policies as stated in the Brandeis University Rights and Responsibilities handbook.
  • Maintain an appropriate presence in person and online to represent Brandeis University in a positive manner. WLC fellow should take care to remove and refrain from posting information on social media networking websites that would reflect poorly on university or show any violations of rights and responsibilities.
  • Remain in good academic and judicial standing; there will be an evaluation of the fellow's performance after the first two months of work.
  • Should all responsibilities be fulfilled, WLC fellow will receive a $500 stipend for the year: $250 in the fall semester and $250 in the spring.