World Languages and Cultures

Beyond the Language Requirement

 After completing the World Languages and Cultures requirement, students may choose to pursue a major or minor in one of the language programs at Brandeis or apply to receive the Proficiency in Language Transcript Notation.

Majors and Minors

Majors and Minors

  • French and Francophone Studies
  • German Studies
  • Italian Studies (through Independent Interdisciplinary Major)
  • Russian Studies
  • Hispanic Studies


  • Arabic Language, Literature and Culture
  • Hebrew Language, Literature and Culture
  • Yiddish and East European Jewish Literature and Culture

Proficiency in Language Transcript Notation

The Proficiency in Language Transcript Notation is a note on your transcript that formally documents your achievement in language learning at Brandeis. The Notation explicitly recognizes students who have demonstrated at least an Intermediate-High level of language proficiency and cultural understanding in a world language beyond the Brandeis Core requirement. Awarding the notation to qualified students commends them on their efforts to expand and maintain their multilingualism.

The Notation is a provisional program that is running as a pilot from spring 2023 to spring 2026 and only some languages are participating. Students who are interested in the Notation must submit an application to the appropriate language program director. The language program directors are responsible for reviewing and approving applications.  Students working toward any major or minor can earn the Notation in the languages listed below.

Please click each language program below for more information about requirements and the application and approval process: