World Languages and Cultures

Spotlight on Language Learners

From its founding, Brandeis has been a place where speakers of different languages worked together. Our namesake, Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis, was an excellent student of languages at school (German, French, Latin and Greek) and spoke German fluently.

More than a third of the original faculty members at the university were born outside the U.S., in such places as Russia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany, and were multilingual. You may be surprised to know that many Brandeis faculty and staff today also speak two or more languages. And of course, there are many different languages spoken by undergraduate and graduate students.

On this page, you have an opportunity to meet members of the Brandeis community — current students, alumni, faculty and administrators, including the president of Brandeis and the dean of arts and sciences, who share their stories about learning another language and reflect on how these experiences have influenced their lives.