In this section, you will find resources for learners at all levels, from study tips to internship, scholarship and job opportunities.

Study Tips for Languages

If you need help with the work in your language classes, the Office of Academic Services offers a free peer-tutoring program, Brandeis Undergraduate Group Study (BUGS), open to all undergraduates.

Scholarships for Language Study

In addition, make sure to visit your language program's website regularly for more opportunities.

Student Clubs and Initiatives

If you want to immerse yourself in different cultures, explore Brandeis student clubs and campus organizations that promote diverse languages and cultures, pluralism and interculturalism.

Studying Abroad

Brandeis encourages all students interested in a language to seek opportunities for study abroad or intensive summer programs in the country. You can explore information and resources on the Office of Study Abroad page:

Language Advocacy Organizations and Initiatives

Language rights are human rights! If you would like to be involved in advocacy efforts to advance language education and promote bilingualism or volunteer as a translator or teacher, explore the links below.