Brandeis Language Oscars

Brandeis Language Oscars is a fun competition among students who are finishing their second semester of a language study.

Students in the level-20 courses create an original video that showcases their creativity and conversational skills in the target language. Each participating language selects one video to represent their group at the Language Oscars during a festive viewing event. A jury panel consisting of faculty members from all participating languages votes to select the first- and second-place winners, who receive cash prizes.

This WLC initiative was launched in spring 2013 to showcase language-learning at Brandeis and is supported by the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences.

2023 Winners

First Place: German Studies Program

Three students holding recycling bins and running

Gemeinschaft Der Bins / Fellowship of the Bins

Creators: Joe Viola '26, Casey Shea Dinkin '26, Hana Miller '25. Instructor: Kathrin Breuer.

Second Place: French and Francophone Studies

Student holding a stack of papers, text: Le poisson mort

Le poisson mort / The Dead Fish

Creators: Jacqueline Floro '25, Caroline Hall '23, Aaron Rosendorf '26, Maya Thomas '26. Instructor: Sophia Niehaus.

Third Place: Russian Studies

Student with their hands in the air

Зелёная армия / The Green Army

Creators: Thomas Musser '26, Sofia Conte '26, Anna Sewald '26. Instructor and TA: Valeriya Kozlovskaya, Irina Dubinina, Mariia Makarova.

 Congratulations 2023 winners and participants!

Text: Brandeis Language Oscars 2023

Brandeis Language Oscars 2023

In 2023, the Brandeis Language Oscars returned after a two-year break due to the coronavirus pandemic. Students from 20-level language courses created short films based on the theme "Think green! Be green!"

Past Winners