Brandeis Language Oscars

Brandeis Language Oscars is a fun competition among students who are finishing their second semester of a language study.

Students in the level-20 courses create an original video that showcases their creativity and conversational skills in the target language. Each participating language selects one video to represent their group at the Language Oscars during a festive viewing event. A jury panel consisting of faculty members from all participating languages votes to select the first- and second-place winners, who receive cash prizes.

This WLC initiative was launched in spring 2013 to showcase language-learning at Brandeis and is supported by the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences.

2022 Winners

First Place: Russian

Person seated outdoors using a computer facing the Louis Brandeis statue

Секретная история Брендайзского Оскара по языку / The Secret Story of the Brandeis Language Oscars 

Creators: Noa Brudny ’25, Felicity Hyams ’24, Eran Zelixon ’23 | Instructors: Irina Dubinina, Mariia Makarova

Second Place: Chinese

Person wearing a Brandeis t-shirt, text on screen reads: We're in Brandeis University

你是我爱的人? / Are you the one I love?  

Creators: Spencer Lee ’25, Lin Lin Hutchinson ’25, Smiley Huynh ’25, Kirsten Man ’25 | Instructor: Jian Wei

Past Winners