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Why study abroad in The Hague?
Brandeis University has established its own study abroad program in this famous Dutch city, known as the “international city of peace and justice.” The Hague is home to international courts and tribunals, and to a lively community of human rights organizations and research institutions. Students live in the nearby university town of Leiden and engage with global networks of justice, reaching out from The Hague to all parts of the world.
What is the academic focus in The Hague?
This is an interdisciplinary program open to all Brandeis undergraduates. The summer program is also open to students enrolled at colleges outside of Brandeis. Developed by International & Global Studies (IGS) and Legal Studies, it offers courses tailored to the liberal arts curriculum and a diversity of majors, along with a field practicum based in the international courts and Hague justice networks.
Does the program operate only in the summer?
Brandeis in The Hague is available both in summer and in the spring semester.
What are the differences between Summer and Semester programs?
The summer program runs for six weeks (late May through mid-July) offering 8 Brandeis credits. Courses and workshops place special focus on the international criminal courts. The spring program runs the spring semester (late January through late May) offering 16 Brandeis credits. Coursework covers a wider range of human rights concerns, and there is a 4-credit practicum.
What is the deadline for studying abroad in the Spring?
The Spring 2018 semester the deadline is February 16, 2017.  For Summer 2017, the deadline is March 16, 2017. (For both programs applications are reviewed on a rolling admissions basis until the closing deadline).
How do the costs of these two Hague programs compare?
The semester program works the same way as any study abroad semester, including the normal use of most financial aid. By contrast, summer study abroad is more out-of-pocket and there is limited financial support. More details can be found under the financial section of The Hague website.
I am currently a Junior at Brandeis. Is it still possible to study in The Hague in my final semester?
Normally students are not able to go abroad for their last semester. Exceptions can be reviewed for students who wish to go to The Hague in spring semester on a case by case basis. Students should make an appointment to meet with Wanda Weinberger, Assistant Director of Brandeis-Led Study Abroad Programs, to discuss this possibility.
Are Brandeis faculty involved in teaching in The Hague?
Both programs are designed and supervised by Brandeis faculty. During both spring and summer programs, Brandeis faculty teach alongside cooperating faculty from Leiden University.
Where can I get more information about Brandeis in The Hague?

The Study Abroad website has all the information about study in The Hague, both for the summer and the semester programs. If you would like marketing material, please come by the Office of Study Abroad or request it to be mailed to you by emailing abroad@brandeis.edu. Please also feel free to contact Professor Gaskins (gaskins@brandeis.edu) in Legal Studies or Wanda Weinberger (wweinberger@brandeis.edu) in the Office of Study Abroad if you have any questions.