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Applications for Summer 2015 and Spring 2016 open on Tuesday, October 21!!

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Brandeis Programs

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Brandeis Programs are either faculty-led programs abroad or programs that have Brandeis faculty oversight. Building on strong connections in India, Israel, Italy and The Netherlands, Brandeis University has developed these unique academic programs for undergraduate students. The programs embody the distinctive elements of a Brandeis education including the intense intellectual engagement students share with our cutting-edge faculty; rich experiential learning opportunities; and the university's longstanding commitment to global engagement and social justice.

Brandeis in Siena

In collaboration with the Siena Art Institute, the Brandeis in Siena program is a two-course, five-week intensive summer program combining Studio Art and Art History in Siena, Italy. The English-taught program is a culturally immersive, experiential learning program where students will come in direct contact with master works of art seminal to the canon of art history and western culture. Led by Professor Joseph Wardwell and Professor Jonathan Unglaub (alternating years).

Summer, 8 credits (Beginning Summer 2015)

Brandeis in The Hague

The Hague is an historic and world-class international center for peace and justice, making it the perfect place for studying international law and human rights issues.  Led by Legal Studies Professor Richard Gaskins, students will gain a global perspective while interacting with criminal tribunals in The Hague and working on projects that address major global issues.  Academic coursework is enhanced with frequent visits to the tribunals, workshops, and experiential practicums. (Open to non-Brandeis students)

Spring Semester, 16 credits | Summer, 8 credits

Brandeis-India Science Scholars Program

Students study biology, chemistry, physics, math, and computer science at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore, India. Along with these classes taught in English by Indian faculty, students will have the opportunity to collaborate in research projects in one of the many labs on campus.

Spring Semester, 16 credits

Brandeis University-Middlebury Program in Israel

This program has been suspended for 2015-2016, and is not currently accepting applications.

One of the first, and only, full Hebrew language immersion program in Israel, students have the opportunity to enroll at Ben-Gurion University in Beer Sheva, Israel or to take other program-related courses. Various internship/volunteering options are available as well.   The program is designed for students to have an effective and authentic immersion experience.

Academic Year, 32 credits
Fall or Spring Semester, 16 credits