Students at the beach

"I learned so much while on this program, and I also had the most amazing time. I had very high expectations for the program overall, and it exceeded those expectations!"
     - Julia Kuperminc, Brandeis University '13, Politics and International and Global Studies Major

"Professor Gaskins is a thoughtful and diligent professor. It was not only my pleasure to be taught by him, but his guidance was an integral part to the valuable learning experience I had in The Hague."
     - Will Guild, Brandeis University '14, Economics and International and Global Studies Major

"This program furthered my knowledge and understanding of international law. My time spent in The Hague was definitely one of the greatest and most inspiring times of my life. I will never forget what I have learned during my time abroad both academically and culturally."
    - Katharine Pena, Brandeis University '12, Politics and Music Major

"Brandeis in the Hague enables the students on the program to transcend learning "on paper" through books and the internet, and to step together into the world of international criminal law. By meeting with judges, watching trials at international courts including the ICC, and presenting a mock oral argument on indictment to genocide we immersed ourselves in learning. The program completely changed the way I think about and analyze international criminal law. Also I enjoy keeping in touch with people I met in Holland, both on the program and outside of the program. It's a great opportunity!
    - Amy Ouellette, Tufts University '12, International Relations & Political Science Major

"The concepts were taught in an amazing manner. Professor Gaskins kept the coursework fun and upbeat while teaching us the concepts."

"This program helped me understand the foundations of international law and progressed me on my career path."
    - Zachary Malis, Brandeis University '12, Business and International and Global Studies Major

"This program taught me so much about international law and human rights. It pushed me to think more deeply and intensely about justice issues that are dear to me and that I find endlessly fascinating. This learning experience, on top of living in such a beautiful city with amazing people, would push me to recommend this program to others."
     - Emily Zoller, Brandeis University '14, Anthropology and International and Global Studies Major

"...I enjoyed participating in a MOOT Court competition because we got a chance to consider the same cases that real international lawyers do, except the case was made up and fictional. But, the legal code and process that the MOOT Court applied matched closely the reality. I think going through the process of "confirmation of charges hearing" made me understand the process of international criminal court pleading even more than reading about it in a book. I was an active participant in international criminal law system that MOOT Court day, even if it was only pretend. And active learning forms memories that are more lasting than passive reading."
     - Amy Ouellette, Tufts University '12, International Relations & Political Science Major

"The smaller size of this program allowed for much more discussion. Also, the seminars with professionals (such as the one with Judge Keith) and the bilingual summer school made us engage on a much higher level with the material than I think we would have had to otherwise."

"The structure of lectures and guest speakers and the workshop all put together made the program what it was. The moot court exercise allowed us to play the role of a prosecution team and were able to put our legal skills to test. It gave me a much more concrete understanding of the raw legal material which I previously had never had experience with."

"This program is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The benefits from this program exceed any other academic experience I have had in my entire life. I am not sure if anything will ever compare to listening to a former president of the ICC lecture me on international law."

"In Europe, law is a subject of the liberal arts curriculum, alongside history, politics and philosophy. Studying the law at the Hague will give Brandeis students the chance to test their most cherished ideas -- about justice, say, or democracy -- against the rigors of real competing interests and claims.  No one knows better than a lawyer that the world's a complicated place: what better way to appreciate its complexities than through the lens of the law?"
     -Professor Chandler Rosenberger, International and Global Studies Department