This Semester's BUGS schedule

Click here to check out BUGS final exam schedule Fall 2016.

More questions about BUGS?
Call Academic Services at 781-736-3470.

Brandeis Undergraduate Group Study (BUGS)

BUGS, a program of the Office of Academic Services, is a study program open to all Brandeis undergraduates. Group Study Leaders are undergraduates who have successfully completed the relevant course(s), are recommended by faculty, and have been trained by Academic Services. These peer tutors lead sessions to review course material and help prepare for exams.

Check out the schedule to see if there is a BUGS leader for your class. Most tutoring sessions meet at designated weekly times in Academic Services (Usdan 130), and you can just drop in during those hours. For sessions offered by appointment, email the Group Study Leader to arrange a meeting. You’ll find the contact information for every Group Study Leader on the schedule.    

BUGS Final Exam Schedule

Wednesday, December 7 is the last day of the fall semester schedule for the Brandeis Undergraduate Group Study (BUGS) program. During the final study period (December 8-19) BUGS will offer a special final exam schedule. Please contact Julia Mani in Academic Services with any questions.


Your BUGS session will be most helpful if you have prepared ahead of time and have an idea of what material you would like to review or questions you would like to ask. To get the most out of your time, try to do as much as possible of the following prior to your BUGS session:

  • Do your homework, including attempting parts that appear most difficult
  • Review all related material in your textbook(s) and class notes
  • Make a list of questions - try to be specific
  • Prioritize your questions in case you are not able to get to everything in one session
  • Think about how you study for this class so you can talk over additional strategies with your BUGS leader

Please note that BUGS is intended as a supplement to class attendance, course assignments, and meeting with your instructor and/or TA.