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You can browse courses by their general education requirement on the Registrar's Schedule of Classes. Click on "Class Search" and sort by requirement. For example, if you would like to find out which courses can fulfill your creative arts requirement, select "ca" and search.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Overview of Degree Requirements

To graduate from Brandeis, all students must complete the following requirements below. Students can monitor their progress and keep track of your requirements by viewing their Undergraduate Degree Audit on Sage (Sage>Academics>Degree Audit). 

Complete a major

Students can review major and minor requirements in the University Bulletin.  Review "Getting Started in a Major or Minor" for departmental course recommendations for incoming students.  

Complete all general university requirements

General university requirements grant students the opportunity to engage in courses from disciplines across the liberal arts.  For many incoming, undeclared students, completing general university requirements may lead to areas of academic interest.

- University Writing Seminar (UWS)

- Writing Intensive (WI)

- Writing Intensive or Oral Communication (OC)

- Quantitative Reasoning (QR)

- Non-Western Comparative (NW)

- School of Humanities (HUM)

- School of Science (SN)

- School of Creative Arts (CA)

- School of Social Science (SS)

- Foreign Language (completion of the 30-level course) (FL)

- Physical Education (PE)

 A single course may be able to satisfy multiple requirements at once.  For example, a student completing Anthropology 1aIntroduction to the Comparative Study of Human Societies will satisfy both the SS and NW requirement.  If this student later decides to declare a major in Anthropology, Anth 1a will serve as one of the core courses.  

 There are some limits on double-counting: students must complete one class in each of the four schools (a single course cannot satisfy more than one HUM, SN, CA, or SS requirement).  Additionally, students are not able to double-count the QR and SN requirement.

Earn a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above

Numeric equivalents of letter grades can be found in the University Bulletin.  A 2.0 is considered a 'C' average or greater.  

Earn 128 credits

All courses are four (4) credits, unless indicated otherwise.  Science labs, music ensembles, and experiential learning practica are examples of courses that are worth half-credit, or two (2) credits.  Generally speaking, if students complete four courses each semester for eight semesters, 128 credits will be earned.  Physical Education (PE) classes do not carry any numeric credit.  Options for fulfilling the academic residency requirement can be found here