Transfer Credit

For students who were accepted to Brandeis University as freshmen, a combined maximum of four courses (16 credits) from the external sources listed below may be applied toward the 32 courses (128 credits) needed for graduation.

External sources include:

  • Advanced Placement, A-Level, French Baccalaureate or International Baccalaureate Exams.
  • Approved courses taken while on a leave of absence for medical reasons.
  • Approved courses taken through an approved Summer Study Abroad program.
  • For students who applied for fall-term admission as freshmen, but who were accepted for the following spring term as members of the midyear class:
    • Approved college courses taken during the fall semester immediately prior to entering Brandeis.
    • Approved General Chemistry I and II (lecture/lab) courses taken the summer prior to entering Brandeis.

Please note: Students who study abroad for two consecutive semesters may not transfer credit from any of the above external sources.

Questions regarding transfer credit can be directed to