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Faculty Advising Heads 2014-2015

Studio Art - Susan Lichtman

Art History - Peter Kalb (Fall 2014) Talinn Grigor (Spring 2015)

Requesting Recommendations From Faculty

Applying to graduate school and would like a recommendation from a faculty member? Be sure to read through these guidelines for recommendation requests before approaching one of your professors!

Studio Art Program


If you are considering a studio art concentration, we recommend that you enroll in a beginning painting or sculpture course in your sophomore year to allow time to develop your work in a sequence of courses taken over a period of three years.

Students who concentrate in studio art are expected to take art history courses; they are an important component of your concentration requirement and deepen your creative experience. You are encouraged to extend your intellectual and creative involvement through summer art programs and participation in full studio faculty reviews of your work during sophomore, junior and senior years.

Studio Art Courses

Fall 2014 courses may be found on the registrar's Web site. A listing of all courses offered by the department and requirements for the major may be found in the University Bulletin.

Students may double major in studio art and the history of art if the requirements of each major are fully met with a minimum of 18 semester courses total.