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Undergraduate Departmental Representatives (UDRs)

In the Fine Arts Department, our Undergraduate Departmental Representatives are divided into the two subfields of Art History and Studio Art. These student representatives are here to offer help to majors, minors, or any other student interested in the Fine Arts program. Whether you have a specific question about requirements or would just like to get more information on the program from a peer's perspective, feel free to contact any of the UDRs.

Meet your UDRS!


Haley Coopersmith '15
My name is Haley Coopersmith and I am a senior majoring in Art History and I have a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. I am from just north of New York City and spend as much time in museums as possible. My favorite museum in Boston is the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. I am currently writing a thesis on the women of the Hudson River School and I am dedicated to researching artists who have historically been excluded from the canon. One Fine Arts class at Brandeis that I have always wanted to take but never had the opportunity is “Art Since 1945.”

Eleanor Fruchter '16
My name is Eleanor Fruchter, I was born in Belgium, raised in Israel and I am trilingual (English, Hebrew and French). I am majoring in Art History with a focus on Contemporary Art, and am set to graduate in 2016. Some Fine Arts classes I have not taken yet, but would like to enroll in are “The Re-Invention of Art“ and “Implicating the Body in Sculpture.” Some of my favorite artists include Maria Lassnig, Nir Hod, Richard Prince and Cy Twombly. During my free time I enjoy visiting The Institute of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. In my spare time, I teach Hebrew and am on the board of Boxing club.


Thomas Hearne '16
My name is Tom Hearne and I am a junior and a member of the Class of 2016. I am originally from Holmdel, New Jersey. I am currently pursuing a double major in Art History and Studio Art. Though I am interested in all areas of study in the history of art, my passion lies within the art and architecture, even more specifically, the urban development of the Italian peninsula from Roman antiquity to the Renaissance. My primary focus on the studio side of my studies is painting; I enjoy working in graphite, ink, and oil paint. My favorite art museum in the New England area is the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. My favorite artists and architects, I cannot choose one, are Leonardo Da Vinci, Donato Bramante, Rembrandt Van Rijn, J.M.W. Turner, Georgia O’Keeffe, Le Corbusier, and Santiago Calatrava. One Fine Arts course that I have not taken but would like to is “The Age of Rubens and Rembrandt.”

Maya Himelfarb '15
My name is Maya and I am a senior from Los Angeles, CA double majoring in Psychology and Studio Art. I study painting at Brandeis, but paint digitally in my free time as well. I am also a frequent scenic painter for the Shakespeare group on campus, Hold Thy Peace, and have helped plan events for the student-run Festival of the Arts committee (CAFE). I do not have a singular favorite artist, but enjoy a variety from Jackson Pollock to Yoshida Hiroshi. My favorite Boston museum is the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), not only for the art, but for the beautiful waterfront view as well. I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have about art at Brandeis or in general!

Sarah McCarty '15
I am a senior Studio Art major with a minor in Creativity, the Arts, and Social Transformation. I also spend my time on campus as the Curatorial Intern at the Rose Art Museum and as a Community Advisor. I'm most interested in the world of contemporary art, and am always excited about the new Fine Arts courses being offered at Brandeis. I am on the sculpture track, but I enjoy experimenting with various mediums including installation, digital media and writing. I grew up around the world, and a lot of my current work is exploring my relationships with language and place. My list of favorite artists is always in flux - send me an email for a more current snapshot of where my mind is!