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Graduate Program Chair in Composition and Theory, David Rakowski

Graduate Program Chair in Musicology, Eric Chafe

Joint MA Advisor in Music & Women's and Gender Studies, Allan R. Keiler

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Partial list of Ph.D. music alumni


Allen Anderson ’84, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Michael Annicchiarico ’94, Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire
John Aylward ’08, Assistant Professor, Clark University

Ross Bauer ’84, Professor, University of California, Davis
Paul Beaudoin ’02, Visiting Assistant Professor, Fitchburg State College
Rick Beaudoin ’08, Preceptor on Music, Harvard University
Scott Brickman ’96, Associate Professor, University of Maine, Fort Kent
Whitman Brown ’99, Head of Composition and Theory, Walnut Hill School, Natick, MA
Lou Bunk ’09, Assistant Professor, Franklin Pierce University

Yu-Hui Chang ’01, Associate Professor, Brandeis University
Peter Child ’81, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Anthony Cornicello ’00, Associate Professor, Eastern Connecticut State University

Maxwell Dulaney '13, Assistant Professor, Tulane University
Douglas Durant, ’89, Lecturer, Northeastern University

David Fuentes, ’88, Professor, Calvin College

Stanley Hoffman ’93, Editor in Chief, E.C. Schirmer Music Company, Inc.
Derek Hurst ’06, Assistant Professor (PT), Berklee College of Music

Christopher Kies, ’84, Professor, University of New Hampshire

Peter Lieberson ’85, former Associate Professor, Harvard University, 5-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, Grawemeyer Award recipient
Rodney Lister ’01, faculty member, New England Conservatory of Music
Robert J. Lubbin ’95, Associate Professor, Oberlin Conservatory of Music
Alvin Lucier '60,  John Spencer Camp Professor of Music, Emeritus, Wesleyan University

Steven Mackey ’85, Professor, Princeton University
John Mallia ’03, Director of Electronic Music Studio, New England Conservatory of Music
Christopher Malloy ’98, Associate Professor, University of Denver
Laurie San Martin ’03, Associate Professor, University of California, Davis
Timothy Melbinger ’99, Lecturer, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Marjorie Merryman ’81, Dean of the Faculty for Academics and Voice   Performance, Manhattan School of Music
Donald McDonnell, ’94, Professor, Berklee College of Music

Maria Neiderberger ’91, Professor, East Tennessee State University
Jon Nelson ’91, Professor, University of North Texas
Samuel Nichols ’06, Lecturer, University of California, Davis

Seungh-Ah Oh ’05, Assistant Professor of Composition, DePaul University School of Music

William Pfaff ’94, Assistant Professor, State University of New York, Plattsburgh
Sally Pinkas, ’91, Professor, Dartmouth College

Armond Qualliotine, ’86, Associate Professor (PT), Berklee College of Music

Jeff Roberts, '08: Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, Williams College, Department of Music

Jeremy Sagala ’07, Adjunct Intructor, SUNY, Fredonia.
Sheila Silver ’76, Professor, State University of New York, Stonybrook

Craig Walsh ’99, Associate Professor, University of Arizona, Tucson
Steven Weigt ’01, Lecturer, Boston University
Michael Weinstein, ’91, Assistant Professor, Berklee College of Music
Julia Werntz ’00, faculty member, New England Conservatory of Music and Northeastern University
Scott Wheeler, ’84. Associate Professor, Emerson College

Tsung-Hsien Yang, ’86, Professor of Composition, Taipei National University of the Arts


Laurie Blunsom ’99, Assistant Professor, Minnesota University
Susan Boynton ’97, Associate Professor, Columbia University
Mitchell Brauner ’82, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Scott Burnham ’88, Professor, Princeton University

David Cohen ’93, Associate Professor, Columbia University
Stephen Crist ’88, Associate Professor, Emory University

Melissa deGraaf ’06, Assistant Professor, University of Miami

Patrick Fairfield ’00, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Toledo
Sandra Fallon-Ludwig ’10, Lecturer, Boston College and Johnson & Wales David Ferris ’94, Associate Professor, Rice University

Larry Hamberlin ’04, Assistant Professor, Middlebury College
Wendy Heller ’95, Professor, Princeton University
Gilad Harel '12, Substitute Assistant Professor, Baruch College, CUNY

Ryan Jones ’05, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Kevin Karnes ’01, Assistant Professor, Emory University
David Kopp ’95, Associate Professor, Boston University

Mary Lewis ’79, Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Eva Linfield ’84, Professor Emerita, Colby College

Katarina Marcovic ’04, Assistant Professor, New England Conservatory of Music
Michael Marissen ’91, Professor, Swarthmore College
Roberta Marvin ’92, Associate Professor, University of Iowa
Nagaoka Megumi ’04, faculty member, University of Electro-Communications   and Musashino Academia Musicae, Tokyo

Edward Nowacki ’80, Professor Emeritus, University of Cincinnati

Adrianna Ponce ’98, Visiting Assistant Professor, Illinois Wesleyan University
Lewis Porter, ’83, Professor, Rutgers University, Newark
Robert Pearson '11, Lecturer, University of North Texas

Lois Rosow ’81, Professor, Ohio State University

Silvio dos Santos ’03, Assistant Professor, University of Gainesville, Florida
Michael Schiano ’92, Associate Professor, Hartt School of Music
Joel L. Sheveloff, '76, Professor of Music, Boston University
Jacquelyn Sholes ’08, Visiting Lecturer, Boston University
Alexander Silbiger, '70, Professor Emeritus, Duke University
Jeffrey Sposato ’00, Assistant Professor, University of Houston
Arthur Stokes ’02, Assistant Professor, University of Southern Maine

Susan Thomas ’02, Assistant Professor, University of Georgia

Mary E. Wolinski ’88, Associate Professor, Western Kentucky University