Undergraduate Department Representatives

Daniella Cohen, '18

Annie Lieber, '18

Rachel Bossuk

Zachary Kasdin



Engaged analysis. The political world is changing rapidly and we are working to ensure that our knowledge keeps pace.

Our substantive interests are wide-ranging: the causes and consequences of gender and race equality in the United States and abroad; nationalism as an enduring idea; the role of Islamic organizations and social movements in European politics; the causes and prevention of war; the political economy of the global film industry; the effect of police on political outcomes.

We are self-consciously a department of "politics"; that is, a department that seeks to encourage students to investigate important real-world problems. The undergraduate curriculum aims to develop the knowledge necessary for the engaged analysis of political theories, institutions and conflicts throughout history and worldwide.

We prepare students for careers in governmental and nongovernmental public service, policy analysis, journalism, law and business, as well as for post-graduate work in political science and other social sciences.

Consistent with the Brandeis emphasis on providing a high-quality liberal arts education, we emphasize critical reading, thinking and writing skills in all our undergraduate courses. In our seminars, we seek to develop our students' ability to articulate reasoned arguments in support of their views before an audience of their peers.

Our course offerings range from introductory-level survey courses to advanced seminars to the even more challenging capstone intellectual experience of a writing a closely supervised senior honors thesis.

We require students to familiarize themselves with the ways others have analyzed political issues, from the classical philosophers whose works shape the Western tradition, to the modern political theorists and practitioners who shape the conflicts and reforms that characterize modern national and international political life.