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Refer to the Bulletin's "politics" section for the most up-to-date information on requirements for the major, minor and for course descriptions. Visit the Course Schedule for the politics department's latest course offerings.

Undergraduate Minor


Politics courses are designed to develop an understanding of the various ways societies organize themselves to manage conflict and cooperation, and to make and implement public policy.

Philosophical perspectives are provided primarily in the political theory courses; the U.S. system is studied primarily in the American politics courses; the politics of foreign countries are studied primarily in the comparative politics courses; and the relations among states are studied primarily in the international politics courses.

How to Become a Minor

Students considering a minor in politics are strongly encouraged to take at least two politics courses during their first two years at Brandeis. At least one of these should be an introductory course.

Students should contact the departmental undergraduate advisor in order to initiate the process of declaring a minor.

These courses, which will count toward the nine-course major requirement, are normally selected from among the introductory courses, but may include more advanced courses or seminars, after consultation with the departmental undergraduate advising head.