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Explore Careers

Exploring careers of interest takes time and often multiple steps. A good starting point is to spend time better understanding your interests, skills, values, and motivations. Then you can best explore and research fields, connecting with current workers to learn more first-hand.  

  • Explore career fields and areas of interest
  • Consider the skills you'll bring and those you will need to expand
  • Learn more about employers and their work environments

Trying out a new field through internships, volunteering, part-time jobs, job shadowing, or even information interviews are great ways to learn more and see a new job in action. Hiatt has a number of resources for you as you explore careers. 

Start Here:

  • Type Focus - Learn about your personality type and discover your own values, skills and interests. Then find the wide range of fields that could be a good fit for you.   
  • Spotlight on Careers  - Find field-specific overviews, links to the best online sites, job and internship resources, and resume and interview tips - from the arts to science to business
  • Vault - Wide and deep resources for exploring career fields, especially in the for-profit sector
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook  -  Career information on responsibilities, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations.
  • O*NET - Comprehensive information on professions with detailed descriptions, responsibilities, required skills, preferred interests, and general work styles and environments.