Campus Recruiting Overview

Because employers consider Brandeis a "target school" for top student talent, they work with Hiatt’s Employer Relations team to set special deadlines in Handshake just for Brandeis students to apply for their jobs and/or internships. Interviews typically follow these deadlines, either on-campus at Hiatt or off-campus, through Skype or over the phone. This collective process is called Campus Recruiting.

Each year, Campus Recruiting kicks off in the fall and lasts from approximately mid-September through the beginning of December (for the fall semester) and picks up again in the last week of January through early May (for the spring semester). Please note: Recruiting schedules vary per industry. For example, many investment banking, finance and consulting firms recruit early in the fall, while smaller nonprofits and research institutes start recruiting in the spring when they have a better sense of their hiring needs.

Benefits of Campus Recruiting

Campus Recruiting is a great addition to your job and/or internship search. Conducting research online and reviewing employer websites provides you with limited information.  Participating in Campus Recruiting gives you the opportunity to connect with employers and Brandeis alumni in your field of interest.  When an employer posts a position in Handshake and/or comes to campus to participate in a career forum or to conduct an information session, they are actively seeking you out to educate you about different career paths and/or recruit you for opportunities.  The number of applicants employers receive through Handshake will be relatively small compared to the number of applicants they receive through their website, and you can be assured that they will at least look at, and consider, your application.

 #EmployerReady (formerly Campus Recruiting Requirements)

Today’s job market is extremely competitive, and Hiatt wants you to put your best foot forward. By becoming #EmployerReady, you are sending a message to employers that you are a strong candidate who is serious about the position.

To participate in Hiatt's on-campus interviews and to apply for resume collections in Handshake, you must complete these 2 requirements:

  1. Get your resume reviewed and approved by a Hiatt counselor twice during your Brandeis career (once in your first three years and again during your senior year).
  2. Read and electronically sign Hiatt's social responsibility and integrity contract.

You can view the status of your Campus Recruiting requirements by looking for the "#EmployerReady" label in the Labels section on your main Handshake profile page. Learn more about the requirements below, including why each element is required and how to complete them.

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About the resume approval requirement

Recruiters that consistently see well-prepared resumes are much more likely to schedule subsequent interviews. Over time, this means more opportunities for all Brandeis students.

To complete the resume approval requirement: Hiatt no longer requires a newly approved resume each academic year. Instead, if you get your resume approved as a first year, sophomore or junior, your resume will be considered "approved" for all three non-senior years. However, you need to get your resume approved again your senior year.  Your resume is approved once it is marked as approved in B.hired by a counselor.  Contact the Hiatt Career Center front desk at 781-736-3618 or hiattcenter@brandeis.edu to check your requirement status.

To assist you in creating a polished resume that is error-free, Hiatt developed formatting and content guidelines available on the How To > Create a Resume page. To shorten the approval process, review these guidelines and make changes to your resume before seeing a Hiatt counselor.

About the contract requirement

When you meet with employers through Campus Recruiting, you are an ambassador for Brandeis. We want to ensure that employers consistently have a great experience so they keep coming back. Since we have instituted the contract requirement, employers have been even more impressed by your professionalism.

To complete the contract requirement: Read and electronically sign Hiatt's social responsibility and integrity contract. (You may be prompted to log in to B.hired with your UNet ID and password to complete the survey.)