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Employer Events

Hiatt’s Employer Relations team organizes a variety of events to connect you with employers for networking and job/internship opportunities, both on-campus and off-campus.  Students and alumni are encouraged to RSVP for all events in Handshake.

On-Campus Employer Events

Brandeis Industry Nights

Industry nights have three main portions:

  • Case Challenge: Pre-selected industry professionals bring their greatest challenge and Brandeis students solve it. This is a chance to identify top talent and inspire  and educate emerging professionals as they participate in a team-based challenge.
  • Welcome/Networking KickoffHiatt Career Center staff members will welcome all attendees and provide an overview of the networking portion. Past student participants will offer tips for making the most of the event and share their own post-event success stories.
  • Open Networking: Brandeis alumni and industry professionals share career advice and expertise with students interested in pursuing similar professional paths.

Information Sessions

There’s only so much you can learn about a company from its website. Information sessions give you a chance to meet face-to-face with professionals to get more information about an organization and its jobs/internships before campus recruiting deadlines.  Employers don't visit many schools, so consider this a special opportunity to get insider information that may help strengthen your application. Information sessions also allow employers meet you. This helps you stand out because employers will learn more about you and your interest in their organization, beyond what you say in your resume and cover letter. 

Brown Bag Information Session

Bring your lunch and chat with professionals at this slightly more casual information session. Employers understand how hard it is to balance your busy schedule, so this format makes it easy for students to stop by between classes and other commitments to learn more about a company and current jobs/internships. Attending these sessions shows the representative you are sincerely interested in their opportunity/industry and gives you a leg up on your competition when interviewing. 

Employer Office Hours

Employer office hours are one-on-one informational interviews with recruiters who want to help you explore their field or organization and discuss current/upcoming jobs and internships. This is a great way to develop a relationship with a contact and show that you are interested in the organization's mission. This is also a chance to practice speaking with employers about your interests and prior experiences, as well as to learn about an organization from an “insider’s perspective.”  This time, you get to ask the questions to see if the employer or opportunity is right for you. 

Interview Coaching Sessions

The best way to learn how to interview and stand out from the competition is to practice with a pro. Whether you have never had a professional interview before or just want to squeeze in some extra practice, Hiatt’s weekly interview coaching sessions allow you to simulate an interview with a professional. The professional then offers constructive feedback and tips to help you ace your next interview, and can also provide feedback on your resume. Learn more. You can also conduct a virtual practice interview using InterviewStream, Hiatt's tool that allows you to conduct and record virtual mock interviews from any space with an internet connection and a webcam, and then assess your progress.

Class Visits

Class visits are like Bring-an-Employer-to-Class Day. Partner with Hiatt and one of your professors to host a professional who specializes in a field or topic that is relevant to your class. This allows you to establish important contacts in your field of interest and expose your classmates to industry professionals. Plus, make a strong impact on a potential employer while scoring major brownie points with your professor. 

Off-Campus Opportunities & Employer Events

Career and Internship Connection (CIC) Fairs & Interview Events

Where else can you get dressed up, get names to put on cover letters, and interview on-site for open job and internship opportunities?  CICs directly connect you with 300+ employers each year in 5 cities across the country, including Boston, Los Angeles, New York City and Washington, D.C.  The events have a morning career fair open to all undergraduates from the consortium schools and afternoon pre-arranged interviews that you apply for before the event.  Many of these employers will not be traveling to Brandeis, but will be happy to meet with you in their local city.  These events are an excellent opportunity to network and interview face-to-face with prospective internship and full-time employers.  Plus, you should walk away from the event with new contacts and new confidence for expressing your talents, goals, and experiences to professionals. RSVP details: B.hired > Events 

Alumni Networking Events

Alumni are among the best mentors for students who want to get insights about fields and organizations in ways you simply cannot do through online research.  Hiatt organizes two special alumni networking events over Winter Break in New York City and Washington D.C.  These events allow you to connect directly with alumni who want to mentor and network with you.

YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund

The YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund program is open to Brandeis students with a demonstrated intent to pursue careers in design, merchandising, retailing, journalism, computer science or business. Sophomores, juniors and first-semester seniors with at least a 3.0 grade-point average are eligible. In the past three years, 11 Brandeis students have been selected for this highly competitive national scholarship program to jumpstart their careers in fashion, to network with top industry executives, and to obtain jobs and internships within this dynamic field.

The program offers internships, career mentoring from prominent senior executives and $5,000 scholarships for students interested in the business of fashion as a career. Brandeis is one of 41 educational institutions nationwide selected to participate in the competition. Other participating schools include the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell and New York University. Learn more about upcoming deadlines.