B.hired is Hiatt’s Information, Recruiting & Events Database. Login to B.hired with your UNet ID and password to:

Manage Your Profile

It is important to keep your personal and academic profiles up-to-date so that Hiatt can notify you about upcoming events/programs and jobs/internships that meet your interests. If you are in the Resume Database, employers will also be able to search for you based on your profile. When you login to B.hired for the first time, you will be required to complete the fields marked with a red asterisk on both your personal and academic profile before you can search for jobs/internships and/or view Hiatt events. It is important to update your profile at least once a semester so your information is accurate! Accurate information means employers can find you based on your current interests. 

Email/Calendar Preferences

You can update your privacy settings by clicking on the My Account button located on the student homepage near the search bar. Under My Account you will find links for both your Email/Calendar and Password preferences. You can also update your privacy settings under the Profile tab.

Documents Tab

You will probably use your Documents tab more than any other in B.hired. Be sure to upload the most current version of your resume and additional documents such as cover letters, writing samples, transcripts and references to your Documents tab so that you can quickly apply for jobs/internships of interest to you. Hiatt strongly encourages you to get your resume approved by one of our career counselors in order to put your best foot forward. To upload application materials to your Documents tab:

  1. From the B.hired homepage, click on the blue Documents tab
  2. Click the Add New button
  3. Carefully label your document to avoid submitting the wrong documents to an employer. We suggest labeling your resume using your last name, followed by your first name, followed by the field name if you have created different versions of your resume for different fields of interest, followed by the date the resume is uploaded (i.e. Smith.Mary Marketing 8.31.12).  If you are uploading a cover letter, be sure to include the employer name in your label.
  4. Select the correct document type by clicking on the appropriate radio button.
  5. Browse for the document on your hard drive. We recommend uploading documents in a Word format. Once you have selected the document you wish to upload, click the Submit button. The system will automatically convert your document into a pdf format.

Once you have uploaded your documents, we encourage you to select your Default Resume. We recommend that your default resume be your Hiatt approved resume. If you RSVP to attend any of Hiatt's career forums and choose to share your resume with registered employers, B.hired will automatically upload your default resume for employers to view. In addition, if you give Hiatt permission to share your resume with employers, we will use your default resume in our resume database for employers. In order to make an uploaded resume your default resume, click on the 'Make Default' button located under the name of the resume you would like to use in your list of uploaded documents.

Search Job & Internship Postings

Need a job or internship? Brandeis students and alumni have access to 14,000+ postings annually via B.hired. Employers who specifically want to hire Brandeis students and alumni post these positions. Apply to postings in minutes with resumes, cover letters and additional documents uploaded to your Documents tab in B.hired.

Within the B.hired system you can search for jobs and internships using four different posting systems. In fact, your search isn't complete unless you are using all four. Hiatt recommends that you prioritize B.hired Positions, LACN and NIC as these postings specifically target Brandeis students. Learn more about each type:

  1. B.hired Positions
  2. Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN) Jobs
  3. Nationwide Internships Consortium (NIC) Jobs
  4. External Job Board Positions

B.hired Positions

B.hired Positions are job and internship postings from employers who specifically want to hire Brandeis students and alumni. To access current postings: B.hired > Jobs & Internships tab > B.hired Positions.

Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN)

LACN is a group of 32 highly selective liberal arts institutions, including Brandeis, that work together to post over 8,000 jobs and internships for students and alumni of member schools each year. Similar to B.hired Positions, the postings in LACN specifically target Brandeis and like-minded students. The layout and features on the LACN site are similar to those in B.hired, which means you can create custom job search agents to make your search more efficient. To access current postings: B.hired > Click on the LACN 'Jump To' button on your B.hired student homepage.

Nationwide Internships Consortium (NIC)

Like LACN, NIC is a group of 17 national colleges and universities that work together to post internships for students and alumni of member schools. This is an especially good resource for locating internship opportunities on the West Coast. To access current postings: B.hired > Click on the NIC 'Jump To' button on your B.hired student homepage.

External Job Board Positions

External Job Board Positions are positions compiled from various nationwide job search sites including Indeed.com, SimplyHired.com and Monster.com. While these sites can be effective and many students have received jobs from them, these postings are not specifically targeting Brandeis students. To access current postings: B.hired > Jobs & Internships tab > External Job Board Positions.

How To Search

You have several options for searching job and internship postings in B.hired > Jobs & Internships > Brandeis Jobs. You can do a basic search and filter positions by keywords in the job title, description or employer name.  Or you can use the 'Advanced Search' pop up menu to filter positions based on several categories including: All Available Positions, All Campus Recruiting Positions, All Non-Campus Recruiting Positions and Position Type (Internship or Volunteer, Post Grad Internship, Fellowship, Full-Time or Part-Time).  You can also search positions within a specified number of miles from a specified zip code.

When reviewing the list of postings in your search list, you can add positions to your 'Favorites' tab by clicking on the white star located to the left of the position title.  The selected position(s) will then appear under your 'Favorites' tab.

Saved Searches (Formerly Job Search Agents)

Make B.hired work for you by creating several specific saved searches. Saved searches agents allow you to receive automatic email notifications about new job/internship postings that match your search criteria. It is advantageous to create search agents because B.hired will alert you about new job and internship postings without having to manually log into the system. Create a saved search based on your specific parameters including geographic location, job type, job function, etc. B.hired will email you positions that match your preferences on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Saved searches can also be created in the LACN and NIC databases. To create an unlimited number of saved searches:

  1. From the B.hired homepage, click on the Brandeis Jobs link located under the Jobs & Internships tab.
  2. Click on the Advanced Search pop up menu.
  3. Select all of your job/internship preferences and then click the Submit.  This will show you any current positions that meet your specified criteria.

The parameters for your saved search have now been created. Next, you need to save and name your search and schedule how frequently you would like to receive emails containing jobs/internships that meet your preferences. Here's how:

  1. Click on the Saved Searches pop up menu below the search bar.
  2. Where it says Save search as... enter the title you would like to name your saved search. 
  3. Select your frequency from the Send Via Email list (Never, Daily, Every Other Day, Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly) 
  4. Check Yes under the New Results Only option in order to receive only newly posted positions.
  5. Click Save

Recommended Jobs

To review Recommended Jobs go to B.hired > Jobs & Internships > Brandeis Jobs > Recommended Jobs. These are jobs that might be a good fit for you based on select criteria that B.hired determines. Some of these criteria include Position Type, Industry and other Recently Viewed positions. Each job will list a Job Match % which tells you how good of a match each position might be for you as well as what criteria it used to determine this.  


Click on the 'Employers' tab to search past and present employers who recruit Brandeis students. Filter employers by keyword and/or industry. 

Campus Recruiting Activity

Click on the 'Campus Recruiting Activity' tab to view resumes collections for which you have applied, your interview requests from employers and your scheduled interviews.

Resume Database

Hiatt's Resume Database is an opportunity for Campus Recruiting employers to search resumes to find candidates and invite them to apply for positions they have posted. To be included in the resume database you need to have a Hiatt approved resume set as your default resume in B.hired and opt in to be included in the Resume Database in your Privacy settings. 

RSVP for Hiatt events

Events Tab

Click on the 'Events' tab to view all Hiatt events by type: Industry Nights & Career Fairs, Information Sessions and Workshops.

Quickly and easily RSVP for one of Hiatt's upcoming industry nights by clicking on the 'RSVP' button located under the industry night name.

For additional details about Hiatt's information sessions and workshops, click on the title of the event. If you want to attend, click the 'RSVP' button at the bottom of the event description. It is important to RSVP for events so that Hiatt can:

  • prepare the event space and materials accordingly,
  • notify you of any updates, changes or cancellations, and
  • send you confirmation and reminder emails.

Calendar Tab

Click on the 'Calendar' tab to view all of Hiatt's events (including industry nights, information sessions and workshops) by day, week, month or year. Once you select your view, scroll to the bottom of the screen where additional event details are listed in chronological order. Check the calendar often as we are always adding new events.

Synchronize B.hired with Google Calendar

Make sure you never miss another Hiatt forum, workshop, information session or interview with this new feature. Whenever you RSVP for an event via B.hired, the event will automatically be added to your Google calendar. To enable the sync feature:

  1. From the B.hired homepage, click on the blue Profile tab.
  2. Click the Edit link on the Personal Profile tab.
  3. Click on the Privacy tab.
  4. In the Synchronize My Google Calendar With section, click on the types of events you would like to synchronize to your calendar. We recommend selecting all of options listed. You will then receive a reminder about all events to which you RSVP and any upcoming interviews you have scheduled.

Please note: If you RSVP for an event and are no longer able to attend, you must delete your RSVP in B.hired in order to notify Hiatt. If you delete the event from your Google calendar, it will NOT be deleted from B.hired.

Access Career Resources

Within B.hired you will find a library of career-related resources to help you learn more about yourself, your values, skills and interests; conduct a domestic or international job/internship search, explore your field(s) of interest, create resumes and cover letters, prepare for interviews, and more, in addition to several law-related resources. Access these resources via the Resources tab via the B.hired homepage. You can search the resources by keyword or type (Reflection, Career Exploration, Resume/Cover Letter, Interview Preparation, Pre-law, etc.). Next to each resource listed you will see a brief description and any specific login information.