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Brandeis Innovation is a focal point for innovators and aspiring change-makers in the Brandeis community. Our mission is to put Brandeis values and ideas to work in the world, by providing a platform for innovations created at Brandeis to reach a wider audience.

We offer training, mentorship, pitch competitions, and commercialization assistance to the entire Brandeis community of students, faculty, and staff. By doing so, Brandeis Innovation is becoming a “collision” place for interdisciplinary research and entrepreneurial teams. We comprise two distinct, yet interlinked entities The Office of Technology Licensing and The Hassenfeld Family Innovation Center.

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World-Class Partnerships and Licensing

Brandeis offers unique opportunities for industry and investor research partnerships. Cutting-edge research that spans industries is conducted in Brandeis labs. We offer research partnerships, technologies for licensing, and other collaborations.

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Education, Community, Mentorship

We believe everyone deserves support for their innovation. Our grant programs support all Brandeis innovators inspired by the intersection of business and science.

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Brandeis Innovation hosts a wide range of events throughout the year, ranging from workshops on entrepreneurship to our Innovation Showcase.

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Brandeis NSF I-Corps™ Program Announces New Entrepreneurial Fellowship

The Brandeis NSF I-Corps program, one of four I-Corps sites in Massachusetts, provides funding and support to accelerate the economic and social benefits of science and technology research. This summer, Brandeis University’s Innovation Center, which administers the I-Corps site, is offering fellowships for students in life sciences, math, and computer science who wish to gain entrepreneurial skills. You can apply with or without a specific idea or technology.

Apply by May 25