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sprout logoThe Sprout Program, funded by the Provost’s Office and the Office of Technology Licensing (OTL), is designed to encourage and support entrepreneurial activity within the Brandeis community for students (graduate and undergraduate), postdocs, faculty and staff in the Division of Science.  The awards are intended to help bring your research and entrepreneurial ambitions to life. 

Benefits of Sprout:

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Applications for Sprout are open every Spring semester.  Fill out the pre-application form to receive an invitation to this grant opportunity. 

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Types of Projects Encouraged to Apply 

Sprout teams represent a diverse array of scientists working on solutions to the world's most challenging public health and environmental issues, as well as innovating new methods of scientific research. Our funded teams from the most recent grant cycles include:

Together, these and all of our current Sprout teams continue the Brandeis tradition of innovating to improve the world. 

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