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Brandeis University—one of the youngest private research institutions in the United States—is dedicated to the advancement of the social, natural, and physical sciences.

The Brandeis Office of Technology and Licensing is interested in working with all kinds of companies, from large to small to start-ups. 

Explore all our technologies available for licensing on Flintbox.

We have a range of inventions in:

We welcome you to contact us to learn more about our available technologies, and for introductions to faculty members.

Download Our Newest Inventions Booklet

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Learn about the latest inventions available for licensing from Brandeis. Download a PDF of our inventions booklet, with all our licensable technologies. Find cutting-edge inventions in food science and safety; data analytics; therapeutics, diagnostics, and drug delivery; and research tools and targets. If you have questions about any of the technologies. email us at