Brandeis Innovation

Commercialization Process

Any new idea needs significant resources to bring it to the market. Protecting an idea by patenting or other means is the first step to attracting such resources, thus providing opportunities for an idea to have its greatest possible impact in the world.

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Step 1: Disclose the Invention

Do you have a new idea or discovery that you think has the potential to make it into a commercial product? The Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) will help you every step of the way, from securing intellectual property rights to finding the right company or entrepreneur to bring the product to the market. Learn more about disclosing an invention and access our invention disclosure form here. 

Step 2: Connect with OTL

Set up a meeting with the OTL licensing staff to discuss your discovery. Click here for a list of OTL staffers or email our general mailbox at to connect with the office. We will discuss all relevant information about the history of the invention, including any collaborators, fundings, any potential publication plans, and your vision for the product.

Step 3: OTL Assesses Invention

The OTL team will evaluate your invention, including its uniqueness, patentability, and commercial potential in current market conditions through an interactive process and make an informed decision on the next steps.

Step 4: File a Patent

If appropriate, OTL will connect with a patent attorney at Brandeis’ expense to start the patent process with your help and input to protect the intellectual property.

Step 5: Market to Companies

The OTL team will perform further market analysis of the technology to identify an optimal commercialization path (startup or Existing company?). We will reach out to our wide network of industry contacts or entrepreneurs to seek commercialization partners. If there is interest, you’ll meet with these potential partners, typically, to determine the best path forward. 

Step 6: License the Technology

If a partner is interested and all parties decide the fit is appropriate, OTL will negotiate a license with the partner for commercialization where the commercial partner will agree to develop the technology in a given time frame and share revenue with Brandeis. License income is typically divided between you (as inventor), any co-inventors who have rights to the invention, department, and Brandeis as per Brandeis IP Policy.