• Innovation Showcase bag
  • people gathering around a table

    The Brandeis Innovation team shares Heartbars

  • the staff from the Makerlab

    Ian Roy, head of the Makerlab, demonstrates 3D printed objects

  • a woman explaining context from the poster to another man

    Ingrid Marko answers questions about her scoliosis brace

  • a staff from Mass Challenge talking to another man

    Matt Parillo, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications for Brandeis IBS, talks with the team from Masschallenge

  • a picture taken from the second floor of the event

    Audience members voted for their favorite startups

  • people walking around and chatting

    The energy was palpable all evening

  • three men talking in front of a white table

    Galen Karlan-Mason of GreenChoice talks with Andreas Randow and Jeff Mclaren of Proper Orange

  • the winners of the night talking in microphone

    Karthik Rangan of the A.K.A. team with Amelie de Cirfontaine addresses the crowd

  • a woman showing her project

    Kesey Sar of Discovery Teaching outlines their technology to keep college students engaged.

  •  a woman demonstrating her project

    Lizbeth Hedstrom, winner of Audience Choice, First Place, with her two innovations

  • a woman talking about her project

    Jessica Fields, Project Coordinator, NYC Regional Innovation Node talks about the National Science Foundation's programs for innovation

  • the staff from NYCRIN
  • the staff from Brandeis OTL

    We love our interns! Wil Kannengieser, Leana Silverberg, Camila Lopez share the work of Brandeis Innovation with attendees

Featured Event

Brandeis Innovation Showcase
Innovation Showcase

November 15, 2018

How is Brandeis changing the world? #DeisInno18 

Special Pre-Showcase Presentations: 5pm-6pm

Showcase: 6pm-8pm

Discover the many innovative and entrepreneurial ways the Brandeis community is making an impact at the 3rd annual Innovation Showcase. This cocktail reception will feature startups, inventions, social entrepreneurship, and scientific discoveries born out of the labs and classrooms at Brandeis University.

Meet our MakerLab and witness the application of emerging technologies across a wide range of subjects first-hand. Engage with the researchers, students, faculty and staff who are impacting the world in the business, sciences, technology and social sectors. You can also check out information tables from Boston's leading innovation organizations.

Attendees will have the opportunity to join the entrepreneurial action and vote for the crowd favorite by “investing” in projects. Join us on November 15th and experience the Brandeisian innovative spirit as you network with Boston’s innovation community, indulge in refreshments, and have the opportunity to win prizes.

Thank you to our 2018 Showcase sponsors: