Northeastern professor Bill Miles talks about a serendipitous moment in his teaching, thanks to his participation in SIIS 2013. [Podcast].

Fellow Testimonials

"SIIS has been an absolutely fantastic intellectual and human adventure, from Brandeis to Israel. I have learned so much and head back home with an unbelievable amount of knowledge, new ways to look at a diversity of issues, not to mention all the new sources I can use and the incredible people I have met, fellows and speakers alike."

Samuel Ghiles-Meilhac
Sciences Po Paris
Political Science and History

"The Summer Institute gave me the courage and confidence to teach my first course in Modern Israeli History, which succeeded beyond my expectations. The Brandeis seminar taught me the range of major topics and debates in the field, and the unforgettable week in Israel enabled me to meet with the widest variety of experts and cultural figures. One of the most important lessons of the SIIS was that the field of Israel Studies encompasses much more than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and that contemporary Israeli society is even more vibrant, diverse, and complicated than I thought it was."

Bruce Thompson
University of California, Santa Cruz
Jewish Studies

[On the Zionism in the Twenty-First Century Conference] "It was fantastic to hear so many outstanding scholars speaking on a wide range of issues, and those talks and the resultant discussions [with other SIIS fellows] have really impacted on my teaching. I can confidently say that without SIIS, we would have no Israel Studies module at LJMU."

Katherine Harbord
Liverpool John Moores University

"Because of my participation in the SIIS and also in the conferences we were invited to in the following years, my approach to teaching about Israel has increasingly taken into account the standpoint of Palestinians living both inside and outside of Israel. I have revised my course and all of my speaking engagements in the community to include what I feel is an objective description of the Palestine/Israel conflict and how this impacts on both societies."

Martin Laskin
Southern Connecticut State University
Sociology, Jewish Studies

"SIIS was one of the most productive--if exhausting-- academic experiences in my career."

Ariel Ahram
University of Oklahoma (now at Virginia Tech)
Political Science

"Since finishing the SIIS program I have completely revamped a course on the history and politics of Israel and created another, Israel: Antiquity in Modernity. In conceptualizing this course I relied heavily upon the peer network of scholars available through the SIIS listserv. This was a tremendously valuable aid in working through ideas and approaches for the course. SIIS fellows from all years of the program's existence 'meet' virtually on the listserv to share suggestions, approaches, and ideas relating to Israel studies."

Sara Abosch
University of Memphis (now at the Dallas Holocaust Museum)
Judaic Studies