Northeastern professor Bill Miles talks about a serendipitous moment in his teaching, thanks to his participation in SIIS 2013. [Podcast].

Fellow Testimonials

"My emotionally powerful and intellectually challenging experience as a Summer Institute Fellow has literally been at the center of every project I have worked on since then. It has redefined my life."

Cary Nelson
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

[On the annual conference] "It was fantastic to hear so many outstanding scholars speaking on a wide range of issues, and those talks and the resultant discussions [with other SIIS fellows] have really impacted on my teaching. I can confidently say that without SIIS, we would have no Israel Studies module at LJMU."

Katherine Harbord
Liverpool John Moores University

"The Summer Institute provided me with a chance to take a rigorous scholarly approach to the study of Israel, to inquire and critique and discuss important issues with a community of international scholars."

Janice Fernheimer
University of Kentucky
Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Studies

"SIIS was one of the most productive--if exhausting-- academic experiences in my career."

Ariel Ahram
Virginia Tech
Political Science

"The Summer Institute gave me the courage and confidence to teach my first course in Modern Israeli History, which succeeded beyond my expectations. The Brandeis seminar taught me the range of major topics and debates in the field, and the unforgettable week in Israel enabled me to meet with the widest variety of experts and cultural figures. One of the most important lessons of the SIIS was that the field of Israel Studies encompasses much more than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and that contemporary Israeli society is even more vibrant, diverse, and complicated than I thought it was."

Bruce Thompson
University of California, Santa Cruz
Jewish Studies